Introduction The organization

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SP’ 7 , vro – r c directly,As per analysi the ustralian supermarke has been working with commitment to iproject and quality product Jo.,produce and give confidence in investing. The cutting edge is to
Introduction The organization
, es farmeithe agricultural me},,,(eit,ettivas established in 191handise and the services which
, where the company has been working on are related to the rural areas of Western ification of the different product line. In and hardware with home improvement. ell. They have divided their sectors with mprovement of home and the other tares). Here, the other services arc for mess of organization is based on the e been le 4, make Wesf-mrs asAustralia. The company has been working on the dive the starting, the company worked on the forest product Over the time, it has been working on the food sector as sub-companies namely, Coles (for food, fuel and liquor), supplies, clothing and the Kinart (discount departmental the insurance, and the safety equipment as well. The bu, products of company where Cole retailer groups in 2007 hone of thc largest retailers in Australia.
Discussion of Australian Fo,E515-itless sector The agricultural development and the production of food is considered to be important for the survival of human beings. It is seen that the Australian agricultural practices have to undergo different changes and the sophistication which tend to aid from the technical instruments. Australia has been one of the most effective and innovative industry in agriculture and food productio The farmers retain a major competition when it comes to the natural and the foreign food ry
UP….ra,–the-d-iseussiorrwi-1-1-be-en-how-Singapore -h as-b ee n -a bl e-t o i rico rporat t)_i LesfarnacrsSLISMa.ark.e.15-4114–f4F04,• I •eThe food security directly affects thenational status where the food exporters and the cognitive well-being of the population is affectedpromote the fresh product to the customers that will help in selling more of food products as well. The company has been working on handling the high demands v.;;ith improving the technology is their business operating platform. The Australian food sector of Wesfarmers have been producing enough food for feeding the entire Asian populati I’here are different arable lands which have started becoming limited with growing populatio and the eroding terrains Hence, certain measures need to be taken for multiplying the food prtiduction for the designated areas. Theconsumer severity and the frequency. This is based on di late sl oe s which can also increase,depending upon the influences by the human activities. Here, a Triculture in Australia has been effectively developing over the years and there is deliverance of the innovative technologies. The2
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