Investigate one industry in depth

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Investigate one industry in depth; pick one to focus on. Describe the chosen field and some
basic demographic differences among workers, including how the industry has changed overtime
(Part 1)
2) Demonstrate some organizational features most prevalent in this field and how they affect workers by gender, race, class, sexuality, etc. This can include taylorism, scientific management, bureaucratization, gendered organizations, industrialization, knowledge work, etc. You will pick at least two of these organizational features to discuss (Part 2).
3) Pick two sociological frameworks — conflict, functionalism, feminism, interactionism, etc and compare how both of the frameworks understand the organizational features you described in part II (part 3)
4) Provide some possible solutions to the organizational issues in your chosen industry. Here you can compare the U.S economic system to that of other countries to illuminate some of these differences (Part 4).

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