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ITSA2006SERVER VIRTUALIZATIONAssignmentJuly 2021ITSAP2006 SERVER VIRTUALIZATIONCopyright © 2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved.Individual AssessmentWeightage: 20%Report deadline: Week 12Practical AssignmentA virtualization infrastructure with VMWare ESXi 6 or later and perform tasks listed inthe following section.Tasks1. VMware ESXi (5 Marks)a. Deploy and Configure ESXi Hostb. Name the ESXi as ESXi-XXXX, “XXXX” need to be replaced with yourstudent IDc. Set up the root passwordd. Access the ESXi from the browser2. Create and Deploy Virtual Machines (5 Marks)a. Download Kali linux iso file from the following link (or from google): Provide kali linux VM name as Kali-VM-XXXX, “XXXX” need to be replacedwith your student IDc. Deploy a Kali linux as a Virtual machine at ESXi web clientd. How to Add a Virtual Diske. How to Extend a Virtual Diskf. Grow the VM System Drive3. Virtual Machine operations (5 Marks)a. Unregister a Kali linux Virtual Machine from ESXib. Register the Kali VM to the ESXic. Take Snapshots of a Kali VMd. Install Firefox browser at kali linux using the following link: Take a snapshot after Firefox installationf. Show the snapshots treeg. Revert to snapshot before Firefox installation4. Deploy and configure a VMWare feature / add on of your choice (5 Marks)5. Network and Infrastructure Documentationa. Document ESXi Name, Network Settingsb. Document Virtual Network Infrastructurec. Physical / Logical Network DiagramITSAP2006 SERVER VIRTUALIZATIONCopyright © 2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved.INSTRUCTIONS:The above list of documents is not necessarily in any order. The chronological order we cover thesetopics in lectures is not meant to dictate the order in which you collate these into one coherentdocument for your assignment.Your report must include a Title Page with the title of the Assignment and the name and ID. A contentspage showing page numbers and titles of all major sections of the report.All Figures included must have captions and Figure numbers and be referenced within the document.Captions for figures placed below the figure, captions for tables placed above the table. Include afooter with the page number. Your report should use 1.5 spacing with a 12-point Times New Romanfont. Include references where appropriate. Citation of sources is mandatory and must be in the IEEEStyle.All submissions are to be submitted through turn-it-in. Drop-boxes linked to turn-it-in will be setup in the Unit of Study Moodle account. Assignments not submitted through these drop -boxeswill not be considered.Submissions must be made by the due date and time (which will be in the session detailed above)and determined by your Lecturer. Submissions made after the due date and time will bepenalized at the rate of 10% per day (including weekend days).The turn-it-in similarity score will be used in determining the level if any of plagiarism. Turn-itin will check conference web-sites, Journal articles, the Web and your own class membersubmissions for plagiarism. You can see your turn-it-in similarity score when you submit yourassignment to the appropriate drop-box. If this is a concern you will have a chance to changeyour assignment and re-submit. However, re-submission is only allowed prior to the submissiondue date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed you cannot make resubmissionsand you will have to live with the similarity score as there will be no chance for changing. Thus,plan early and submit early to take advantage of this feature. You can make multiple submissions,but please remember we only see the last submission, and the date and time you submitted willbe taken from that submission. Below is the plagiarism penalty criteria.Please Note: All work is due by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized atthe rate of 10% per day including weekends.

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