Journal Article Critical Analysis

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Journal Article Critical Analysis
Length: 800 words
The purpose of this assignment is for you to:
Think critically about the positives and negatives of the article.
Apply your knowledge about the research methods that have been used within the article
Write clearly and succinctly
Assignment Directions:
Address the following questions:
Literature review. Does the introduction section (literature review) of the paper provide a convincing argument for why the research is needed? Why or why not? Consider aspects such as:
The depth (i.e. the details) and breadth (i.e. the overview) in the literature review.
The adequacy of the rationale for why this study was needed.
Methods. Do you think the components of the methods listed below were the best suited in answering the study’s research questions? Why or why not? Address each of the following elements:
Research design. Consider:
The authors’ explanation for their chosen research design
Any alternative designs that would be better suited
Types of data and data collection methods. Consider:
Ability of the data to answer the research questions
Adequacy of the data collection methods in ensuring reliable and credible data
Results, discussion and implications. Do you think this study’s findings fill a gap in the knowledge base on this topic? Why or why not. Do you think the study’s findings have relevance for practice and policy in this area? Why or why not. Consider:
What new information did this study produce?
How important do you think this new information is in terms of its impact on practice and policy in this topic area
Directions for future research. Do you think the directions for future research outlined in the article will help improve on this study and move the field forward with respect to this topic? Why or why not. Consider:
The specificity of the authors’ recommendations for future research
The originality of the authors’ recommendations for future research
Your own ideas for future research
Be sure to explain the reasons for your opinions.
Whenever possible, provide examples from the article to support your conclusions.
If you find fault in an area of the article, consider an alternative approach that would improve the methods.

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