Language grading and concept checking

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Teacher Language
This part of the assignment is set to enable us to assess your language grading and concept checking. You should show a) some of the language you would use in the presentation, and b) to give one instruction.

You must use direct speech, e.g. T: So everyone, look at this picture, please. What can you see?
S1: Man and woman
T: A man and a woman, yes, can anyone say a bit more?
S2: They’re riding their bikes.
T: Excellent. Good. What are their names do you think?
S3: Donald and Melania.
T: Great idea! – So I’m putting that on the board (Teacher writes on the board ‘Donald and Melania are riding their bikes.’)You might need to put in some predicted student responses, as in the example above.
Check the examples in Unit 7 to make sure you understand what is required.N.B. If you do not use direct speech, you will be required to resubmit the whole assignment.
This document should not be more than 3 pages long, including this page; approx 700-1000 words in total.
a) Presentation
You do not need show the entire presentation, but show us some of the language you would use to elicit the target language from the context you have chosen, elicit the form and concept check.
Show the actual words you would use for:
i) eliciting the target language from the context
ii) eliciting the formiii) concept checking

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