Latest developments in Stereoscopic VisionAufgabe

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AM Production Processes: Written student research project
You topic for the student research paper you will find in the line below.
Latest developments in Stereoscopic VisionAufgabe
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In this section you will find your topic for your individual student research project.
Write a student examination paper for the topic assigned to you.
Submit your student research paper until the 23.07.2021, 23:59 to the ilearn platform,
as one PDF-document with a max. size of 400MB.
Please note that correct citation is absolutely necessary!
This is valid for direct quotations and indirect quotations / paraphrasing including pictures.
Please use as reference: Citation Guide (Technical University Munich):
The main criterion for the grading of your work is the knowledge gain provided with your student research paper.
Some guidelines for student research papers are mentioned below:
Guideline for Thesis: Prof. Dr. Stefan Wengler – Hochschule Hof
Guideline for Thesis: Tips and Tricks for the final research papers and thesis, Technical University of Munich
How to Write a Research Paper and get an “A”, April 27, 2021, Staff Writers, on www.collegechoice.net
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