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LAW3100: Taxation LawAssessment Task 2Individual AssignmentT2 2021
Due Date: Week 10, Friday 15th October 2021, 11:59pm.Weighting: 30%Submission: Moodle onlineFormat: One file in .doc or .docx (MSWord) format.Submissions in any other file format (e.g. .zip) will be treated as a non‐submission.Font type: Arial or Times New RomanFont size: 12 pointsLine space: No line spacing (0 point)Page margin: No indent (0 cm)Word limit: 2000 words total (10% +/‐ is acceptable)Referencing style – see Ozford policyStyle – Questions/Answer formatLate submission: Email to the unit coordinator an extension request – see Moodle for moredetails
Evidencerequired andunit learningOutcomes
Submission of a written assignment online based on the following unit learning outcomes:1. Explain and appraise the sources of taxation law within Australia.2. Analyse and research complex problems relating to Australian Taxation Law and apply tosolve diverse range of tax‐related problems.3. Think creatively to identify solutions to taxation problems based on thorough analysis, legalreasoning and research.4. Communicate legal principles, problems and possible solutions to relevant stakeholders.
Review the law, analyse questions and case studies, and write your answer.If you are unsure of what is expected of you or the standards to which work must becompleted, you may discuss this with your lecturer.
Materials andresourcesrequired
To be deemed knowledgeable in this unit, you will require access to a range of informationas listed below:– gather, convey and receive information and ideas– use legislation and case law– analyse questions and hypothetical case studies
In the event that you have difficulty understanding the assessment tasks due to language orother difficulties, your lecturer will attempt to make reasonable adjustments to theassessment paper in order to afford you every opportunity to achieve proficiency.
Decisionmaking rules
Consider:– Research – Source material– Content/Analysis – Arguments and conclusions– Structure – Format– Language/Presentation – Grammar– Referencing ‐ Evidence
QUESTION 1 (16 MARKS)Amelia is a laboratory assistant at Parramatta Pathology a drive‐through COVID‐19 PathologyCollection Centre. In August 2021, she goes to see John, a tax advisor, to do her tax returnand wants to know if the following expenses are allowable deductions:(a) Amelia incurred $330 travel expense to and from work (2 Marks).(b) Amelia received a $207 speeding fine when she was running late to Parramatta Pathologyfor an emergency visit (2 Marks).(c) When working evening shifts, Amelia purchased $570 food from the Pathology café bar(2 Marks).(d) Amelia made phone calls from her home phone to Parramatta Pathology after hours tocheck her work schedule with her supervisor; this costs Amelia $200 (2 Marks).(e) Amelia paid $18,200 childcare expenses for her two‐year‐old child (2 Marks).(f) Payment of white’s uniform which are compulsory for pathologist to wear at work $200(2 Marks).(g) Amelia moving expenses of $950 from her home in Brisbane to relocate in Parramatta,NSW (2 Marks).(h) Travel expenses of $320 to Parramatta Pathology to attend the job interview (2 Marks).Required:Advise Amelia of the deductibility of the above‐mentioned transactions. Your answer mustinclude references to relevant tax law and or cases.QUESTION 2 (14 MARKS)Oliver is a carpenter who purchased a vacant block of land in Perth on 1 October 1980. On 1September 1986, he built a house on the land. At the time, the land was valued at $60,000and the cost of construction was $40,000. The property has been rented out sinceconstruction was completed. On 1st March 2021, Oliver sold the property at auction for$600,000.Required:(a) According to the information above, determine Oliver’s Net Capital Gain or Loss for theyear ended 30 June 2021 (7 Marks).(b) How would your answer to (a) differ if Oliver sold the property to his son for $100,000? (5Marks).(c) How would your answer to (a) differ if the owner of the property was a company insteadof an individual? (2 Marks).LAW3100: Taxation Law / Trimester 2, 2021 Individual Assignment Rubric
Marking Criteria
Distinction (15‐16.5)
Credit (13‐14.5)
Pass (10‐12.5)
Fail (0‐9.5)
Research/ 20
Comprehensive researchis indicated.Professionaluse ofsources tosupportideas, well‐integrated,sources arecredible.Very minor,if any,weaknesseswithparaphrasing orintegration/application.
Thorough researchis indicated. Verygood use ofsources to supportideas, well‐integrated, sourcesare credible. Maybe minorweaknesses withparaphrasing orintegration/application.
Research is generallythorough. Good use ofsources to supportideas, mostly wellintegrated, sources arecredible. May beweaknesses withparaphrasing orintegration/application.
Basic and soundresearch. Basic useof sources tosupport ideas,generally well‐integrated, mostsources arecredible. May beweaknesses withparaphrasing orintegration/application.
Littleevidence ofresearch.Sources aremissing,inappropriate, poorlyintegratedor lackingcredibility.Lacks clearlink ofsources toarguments.
Distinction (23‐26.5)
Credit (19‐22.5)
Pass (15‐18.5)
Fail (0‐14.5)
Content/Analysis/ 30
Professionalstandard.Argumentsandconclusionsare verycoherentand flowswell; topic isaddressedthoroughly.Externalresearch onconceptsrelevant tothe casematerial isofoutstandingquality; theconceptsare analysedin greatdepth. Veryminor, ifany,inconsistencies andweaknesseswith flow.
Is very coherentand flows well;topic is addressedquite well. Externalresearch onconcepts relevantto the casematerial is obvious;the concepts areanalysed in depth.There may beminorinconsistencies andweaknesses withflow.
Is coherent and flowswell; topic is addressedquite well. Externalresearch on conceptsrelevant to the casematerial is obvious;the concepts areanalysed quite well.There may be someinconsistencies/weaknesses with flow.
Is generallycoherent; topic isaddressed to areasonable depthwith somedescription.External researchon conceptsrelevant to thecase material issomehow obvious;the concepts areanalysed to areasonable depth.There are someinconsistencies /weaknesses withthe flow.
Lackscoherence;topic ispoorlyaddressed;littleanalysis.Noevidencefromexternalresearch tosupport thecasematerial.Thediscussionisdescriptiveand poorlysequenced.
Distinction (15‐16.5)
Credit (13‐14.5)
Pass (10‐12.5)
Fail (0‐9.5)
Structure/ 20
The report formatis correct; all
The report format isalmost correct; the
The report formatis generally correct;
The reportis not
format; allsections areincluded;theinformationunder thesectionscorrespondsto therequirements.Recommendations dosuggestspecificactions andderive fromthediscussion.
sections areincluded; theinformation underthe sectionscorresponds to therequirements.Recommendationsdo not suggestspecific actions anddo not derive fromthe discussion.Recommendationsare missing.
information under thesections correspond toalmost all therequirements.Recommendations aremissing or do notsuggest specificactions.
the informationunder the sectionsdoes notcompletelycorrespond to therequirements.
appropriatelyformatted;more thantwo of therequiredsectionsaremissing.
Distinction (11.5‐13)
Credit (9.5‐11)
Pass (7.5‐9)
Fail (0‐7)
Language/Presentation/ 15
Academicstandard; noerrors inpunctuation, grammarand spelling.
Very good standardof writing; very fewor minor errors inpunctuation,grammar andspelling.
Good standard ofwriting; few errors inpunctuation, grammarand spelling.
Basic and soundstandard ofwriting; someerrors inpunctuation,grammar andspelling.
Poorstandard ofwriting.Word limitmay not beadhered to.
Distinction (11.5‐13)
Credit (9.5‐11)
Pass (7.5‐9)
Fail (0‐7)
Referencing/ 15
Academiclevel ofreferencingandacknowledgment; noerrors ofstyleevident.Thoroughandconsistentreferencelist and allreferencelisted.
Very good attemptto referencesources; veryminorinconsistencies andtechnical errors instyle. Thoroughand consistentreference list andall referenceslisted.
Good attempt toreference sources;inconsistencies andtechnical errors instyle. Few inaccuraciesin reference list and allreferences listed.
Basic and soundattempt toreferenceresources; may besomeinconsistencies andtechnical errors instyle. Reference listis generallycomplete with 1 or2 referencesmissing.
Noreferencingis evidentor, if done,isinconsistent andtechnicallyincorrect.No orminimalreferencelist, mixedstyles.

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