Legal & Ethical Issues -Review Midwifery Strategies

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After reviewing the module readings, please answer the following questions:1. What is vicariously liability? How would you approach a discussion with a potentialconsulting/collaborating physician about vicarious liability?2. Review these Midwifery Strategies for Liability Risk Reduction (­for­Liability­Risk­Reduction) . Many of these strategies involve informed consent. Next, reviewTable 14­4 from your readings in the Ament text (reproduced below) and answer the following questions:­ How can you improve your informed consent process with clients?­ What is the role of documentation in informed consent discussions?Key Elements of Informed Consent1. Proposed treatment2. Full and unbiased information3. Use of language that is understood4. Risks and benefits of each proposed action5. Verification that information given was understood6. Obtain consent to deny or proceed with proposed action3. Discuss use of technology in maternity care as an ethical issue in midwifery.$10.00 – Purchase

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