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Luminus Technical University College – Assignment Brief (RQF)
Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering
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Bisher Allahham
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building of networks
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Mr. Abdel-Qader Akasheh
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Submission Format:
You are to submit an A4 word-processed document. The choice of font face, font size and line spacing are left to your discretion. However, as a professional report, clarity and readability are critically important. You are encouraged to use diagrams, charts and graphics to help to explain the topics. Any material (images, drawings, diagrams, text) that is derived from other sources must be suitably referenced using a standard form of citation.
Unit Learning Outcomes:
Examine networking principles and their protocols
Explain networking devices and operations.
Design efficient networked systems.
Implement and diagnose networked systems.
Assignment Brief and Guidance:

You work as a network engineer in a company that provides technical support to other companies, one day, a report came from a recruitment company that wants to improve its network system and develop its infrastructure to meet the requirements of their users. They indicated in the report that the network they have is very slow and they spend a long time in transferring customer’s data from the Human Resources Department across the network, The manager of this company stated in the report that they are ready to buy all the devices and equipment necessary for the development process, They want a new infrastructure and network design that suits their company, so your manager has assigned you to provide the best design that suits the company and suits its users, and that design should be expandable in the future.
He also asked you to make a suggested model for the speed of response of the HR devices to the employees and the speed of the servers’ response to them as well, in addition to showing them the size of the data expected to be transferred at one time by writing a report showing the expected time to transfer a file of a certain size considering the bandwidth amount from point to another.
And based on the company’s request, your manager asked you to equip two servers that supports all devices with the appropriate settings such as installing a DHCP server, in addition to installing the DNS server on the same machine that you will install ADDS Service on, since you must organize the departments in the Active Directory by creating an organizational unit for each department, and writing a report proposing any process that could organize or improve the network’s work.
Given the importance of this company’s data, your manager asked you to make ADDS Server take a daily backup, in order to preserve the CVs of clients and external company announcements from deletion or damage.
Finally, write a report explaining the reason for all the correct conclusions you’ve made for this company.
There are some points that may be needed: • The company consists of three floors, the first for employees, the second for managers and the third for human resources • The number of devices on the first floor is 7, the second is 3, and the third is 4 computers • The server room is on the second floor and is equipped with refrigeration and electricity • The company does not want to place wireless access points Summary points:
plan a network schema, and create the network virtually using Packet Tracer, save the project as pkt file and save an image of the design. Make sure the connectivity, speed, and response time meet the requirements, by using “PING or TraceRoute” commands from any employee device to servers and HR. (take an image of echo replay message and save it) In the configuration terminal of routers, you need to show the bandwidth amount of each interface and write two reports (Microsoft Word) showing the expected time to transfer a file of a certain size from one point to another based on your design, and in another report comparing it to the actual time that your implementation takes to transfer the file. “(the pictures of interface’s information must be included in the first report).Use the VMware workstation program to install a DHCP server for the company, Install ADDS and DNS services on another server, and create an organizational unit for each department in Active Directory (Use any screen recording software to install these services and save each video for each service you installed separately ( Use the VMware workstation program to install and configure a schedule backup service. (recorded video) Write a report showing all steps you took, from investigating the feedback and complaints of the owner, suggesting potential solutions, implementing your design, testing and reaching correct conclusions made for the company. Add any other recommendations the company can implement to get even better performance in the future”
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:
Learning Outcome number and Title
LO1 Examine networking principles and their protocols
P1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different network types and standards.P2 Explain the impact of network topology, communication and bandwidth requirements.
M1 Compare common networking principles and how protocols enable the effectiveness of networked systems
LO1 & 2 D1 Critically evaluate the topology protocol selected for a given scenario to demonstrate the efficient utilisation of a networking system.
LO2 Explain networking devices and operations
P3 Discuss the operating principles of networking devices and server types.P4 Discuss the interdependence of workstation hardware with relevant networking software.
M2 Explore a range of server types and justify the selection of a server, considering a given scenario regarding cost and performance optimisation.
LO3 Design efficient networked systems
P5 Design a networked system to meet a given specification.P6 Test and evaluate the design to meet the requirements and analyse user feedback with the aim of improving efficiency.
M3 Install and configure network services and applications on your choice.
D2 Design a maintenance schedule to support the networked system.
LO4 Implement and diagnose networked systems
P7 Implement a networked system based on a prepared design.P8 Document and analyse test results against expected results.
M4 Recommend potential enhancements for the networked systems.
D3 Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions.
Plagiarism is a particular form of cheating. Plagiarism must be avoided at all kinds and students who break the rules, however innocently, may be penalised. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. As a student in a university college level, you are expected to use appropriate references throughout and keep carefully detailed notes of all your sources of materials for material you have used in your work, including any material downloaded from the Internet. Please consult the relevant unit teacher if you need any further advice.
Student Declaration

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Student declaration I certify that the assignment submission is entirely my own work and I fully understand the consequences of plagiarism. I understand that making a false declaration is a form of malpractice.Student signature: Date:
AssessorFeedback: (Please provide holistic guidance to the students on how they have met the learning outcomes and assessment criteria )

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Internal Verification of Assignment Brief * Please note that grade decisions are provisional. They are only confirmed once internal and external moderation has taken place and grades decisions have been agreed at the assessment board.

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