make a table with the number of bits

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Question 1 — 50 MarksUsing the audiorecorder() function in MATLAB, make a recording of your voice. Use a sample rate of 8 kHz, 16 bits per sample, and aim to record around 2 seconds worth.Part (a) — 25 Marks Quantize the audio samples down from the original 16 bits by removing the least-significant bit (LSB) from the waveform, to make a 15 bit recording. Repeat for 14, 13, 12 bits, down to 1 bit. Explain how you would do this in MATLAB, and implement your approach.Part (b) — 25 Marks Listen to the recordings, and make a table with the number of bits and the corresponding quality assessment. This can simply be a subjective assessment; use terms such as ‘no perceptual difference’, ‘minor noise present’, ‘quite noisy’, ‘poor quality’ etc. Calculate the signal-to-noise ratio using your data from the previous question, and add that to your table. Explain how you calculated the SNR, and comment on whether it agrees with theoretical predictions.(a) Explanation of method €.4 MATLAB coding 25 (b) Subjective assessment table with SNR 25 Total 50

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