MAN506 assessment 2 Case study

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S216 MAN506 ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOURName Description Rubric DetailMAN506 assessment 2 Case study…Levels of Achievement High Criteria Distinction Credit Distinction Completeness 85 to 100 °A 75 to 84% 65 to 74% Weight Complete in all Complete in Incomplete in 10.00% respects; most respects; many respects; reflects all reflects most reflects few requirements requirements requirements Understanding 85 to 100 75 to 84 % 65 to 74% Weight Demonstrates a Demonstrates Demonstrates 20.00% sophisticated an an acceptable understanding accomplished understanding of the topic(s) understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s) of the topic(s) and issue(s) and issue(s) Research and data 85 to 100 °A 75 to 84% 65 to 74% acquisition Evidence of Evidence of Evidence of Weight broad, systematic and controlled and systematic good research skills. 10.00% creative research. Information is research. Demonstrates gathered from Selection of selection of a good range of data goes beyond the credible, relevant data electronic and non-electronic mainstream from quality sources. literature/tutorial literature/tutorial Referencing is /textbook. notes/textbooks. at times Consistent and Mostly accurate inconsistent or accurate referencing demonstrates referencing demonstrates ability to used an ability to reference only throughout, showing ability reference a variety of some source types to reference a source types. accurately range of source Ideas and Words, but not types. Ideas words of others always the and words of are ideas of others others acknowledged. acknowledged. are acknowledged. Format, 85 to 100% 75 to 84% 65 to 74% structure, Clear and fluent Mastery of Clear and expression expression sentence fluent Weight indicates the patterns expression 10.00% report has been demonstrated; indicates the successfully may have report has been edited and occasional successfully proofread grammatical edited and before errors on the proofread submission. sentence level before Correct form for suggesting that submission. text type: some closer Correct form for (headings, proofreading text type: indentations was needed (headings, etc.); spelling, Form, indentations punctuation punctuation, etc.); spelling, error-free. and spelling punctuation mostly error error-free.Pass50 to 64 % Incomplete in most respects.50 to 64 %Demonstrates a basic understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)50 to 64%Research conducted demonstrates an attempt to collect credible and/or relevant data. Information is gathered from a limited range of electronic and non-electronic sources. Overuse of another’s words or ideas which may also inconsistently or inaccurately referenced.50 to 64% Sentence patterns most often successfully used; several grammatical errors at the sentence level. Occasional errors in, form, punctuation, and spelling; sometimes distracting. Some additional editing and proofreading is warranted.Fail0 to 49 % Does not reflect requirements0 to 49 % Limited or no understanding of the topics and issues0 to 49 % Limited research skills demonstrated. Poorly selected data. Failure to acknowledge the words and ideas of others. Plagiarised: reads like a “data dump” from other sources.0 to 49 %Run on sentences, attempts at simple sentences often not successful; many errors in sentence structures detract from communication purpose. Form, punctuation and spelling, errors1 of 2 29/06/2016 1:54 PM

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