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Student Name
James Rugira
Student Number
Unit Code/s & Name/s
FNSACC507 Provide Managament Accounting Information
Assessment Type
☒ Assignment    ☐  Project      ☐ Case Study     ☐ Portfolio   ☐ Third Party Report (Workplace)   ☐ Third Party Report (Peer)  ☐ Other
Assessment Name
Assignment – Job Costing
Assessment Task No.
Assessment Due Date
Date submitted
Assessor Feedback: See Connect.       ☒ Student provided with feedback (check box when completed)
Attempt 1
Satisfactory  ☐
Unsatisfactory  ☒
Attempt 2
Satisfactory  ☐
Unsatisfactory  ☐
     /      /
Assessor Name
Samantha Monahan
Assessor Signature

Note to assessor:  Please record below any reasonable adjustment that has occurred during this assessment e.g. written assessment given orally.

Assessment criteria / benchmarks   The evidence submitted demonstrates that the student satisfactorily:  
Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Job Card Summary
Correct calculation of Direct Material costs for each job

Correct calculation of Direct Labour costs for each job

Correct calculation of FOH applied for each job

Correct calculation of total costs on Job card summary

Journal entries
Correct journal for recording materials invoices and invoice for contractor against WIP.

Correct journal for FOH invoices, including prepaid insurance.

Correct journal for issing materials to production per MR 832

Correct journal for returning DM to store

Correct journal for recording monthly labour costs per time sheet summary (incl PAYGW, adj for AL taken etc)

Correct journal for charging DL to WIP and Indirect labour to FOH

Correct journal for taking up AL provision accrual against FOH

Correct journal for charging WIP with FOH applied

Correct journal for transferring finished jobs to FG

Correct journal for transferring sold jobs to COGS

Correct journal for recording sales invoices

Correct journal for writing off under applied FOH to COGS

Correct journal for transferring COGS and Sales to trading statement

General ledger accounts
GL for Materials control correct

GL for Labour control correct

GL for FOH control correct

GL for WIP correct

GL for FG correct

GL for COGS correct

Trading Statement
Prepared trading statement with correct figures and in correct format

NOTE: Students can be awarded part marks for showing working.  Minor transposition or similar errors should not be marked incorrect if student displays clear understanding of the process being assessed.  This needs to be noted on the assignment.

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