Management Theory and Practice

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Assignment Details:
No. of Words: 1500
Course: Management Theory and Practice
1).   M/s Landmark Construction is facing severe issues between the Management & its union on salaries and other matters. Both the parties are extremely strong & are not willing to budge from their respective stands. As an external consultant, you have been advised to identify & verify all possible conflict resolution techniques. Enlist the advantages & disadvantages of each of these techniques & suggest the best possible conflict resolution technique to solve this standoff between the management & the union.  (10 Marks)
2).   You have been appointed as an external consultant to M/s PoleStar & Co. It has been observed that employees are currently unsatisfied with the policies of the company & furthermore, a lot of employees have been leaving the organization. What would you do to motivate existing employees & to get hold of new talent from the marketplace. Suggest at least 5 innovative approaches towards employee motivation.  (10 Marks)
3).  a. Perform a SWOT analysis on IBM USA? (5 Marks)
3).  b. Which type of Organizational structure does IBM follow (Functional, Divisional or Matrix?) & enlist the advantages & disadvantages of this form?          (5 Marks)

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