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Module code
Module tutors
Module title
Marketing and Data Analytics
Credit value
Assessment task
Marketing Report – Summative Assessment
Word count
3,000 (+/-10%)
Assessment no.
Type of submission
Written Work
Method of submission
Moodle submission link
Publication date
Monday 1 February 2021
Due date
Sunday 1 May 2021, midday
Expected feedback date
Friday 17 June 2021, midday
Format of feedback
Typed feedback within Moodle, available via the assignment link
Learning outcomes
LO.3. Critically assess and apply theories and models of data, information, knowledge and decision
making within a variety of marketing areas within a business
LO.4. Critically evaluate strategies for analytics and its impact on marketing decision-making
Assignment Description
For this individual assignment, you will develop a report which will be comprised as a word document
with a variety of graphs, charts, figures and critical paragraphs. You will need to select one company
from the FTSE100 or FTSE 250.
Utilising a range of databases such as, FAME, Mintel, MarketLine and Euromonitor, you will critically
analyse, compare and contrast your chosen company to evaluate their financial performance, assess
company risks and essentially scrutinise the company’s competitive environment.
The information gained from the FAME database should inform you of the financial performance. From
your findings you can analyse the market and conduct independent research on the external market
environment that has influenced and impacted the organisation.
Additional Information
Further information is provided on Moodle and throughout the modules’ workshops. You will have an
introductory session on FAME to introduce you to the software. It is important that the content should
be underpinned with the inclusion of relevant academic theory, concepts and models where
appropriate. These should be referenced throughout.
This report will incorporate a range of graphs, charts, figures and written work; which should all be
presented on one Microsoft Word Document. Cite Them Right Harvard Referencing should be used.
Please refer to the Assessment 2 Guidance workshop, for formatting and structure suggestions.
A front cover sheet (provided on Moodle) should be attached at the front of your report.
Your student ID must appear on all pages. Pages must be numbered. Work should be submitted to the
requested link available on Moodle.
You are required to add the following statement on page 2 of the assignment:
“I [student ID] declare that I am the sole author of this assignment and the work is a result of
my own investigations, except where otherwise stated. All references have been duly cited”.
Font should be either Times New Roman or Arial, font size of 11/12. Spacing 1.5 and normal margins.
The assignment should be Microsoft Word processed for submission.
Assessment Regulations
Your attention is drawn to the University policy on cheating and plagiarism. Penalties will be applied
where a student is found guilty of academic misconduct, including termination of programme (Policy
You are required to keep to the word limit set for an assessment and to note that you may be subject
to penalty if you exceed that limit. You are required to provide an accurate word count on the cover
sheet for each piece of work you submit (Policy Link).
For late or non-submission of work by the published deadline or an approved extended deadline, a
mark of 0NS will be recorded. Where a re-assessment opportunity exists, a student will normally be
permitted only one attempt to be re-assessed for a capped mark (Policy Link).
An extension to the published deadline may be granted to an individual student if they meet the eligibility
criteria of the (Policy Link).

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