Marketing communication strategies

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Marketing communication strategies You are seeking a job at leading research group MBA: Foresights.
Marketing communication strategies They have asked you to demonstrate your skills and abilities in marketing by looking at the main issues firms need to take into account when building their brand(s) and also crafting their marketing communications strategies. They want to see how you can find leading-edge academic thinking on the subjects and how you can, from this research, craft clear and logical proposals for how firms can build branding strategies and communications strategies.
Specifically, they would like to have guidance from you on:
1. How they should approach drafting a well-integrated marketing communications plan using both top-down and bottom-up approaches.
2. Why getting customers engaged with a firm’s brands in a media channel saturated world of ‘hyper-connectivity,’ and complexity will help them to grow their business.
Marketing communication strategies
To get you going on this your kindly Marketing Professor, David James, has provided you with four core readings from which you can develop your thoughts and thinking. These are:
Batra, R, and Keller, K L, (2106), “Integrating Marketing Communications: New Findings, New Lessons, and New Ideas,” Journal of Marketing, 80 (November), 6, 122 – 145.
Hewett, K, Rand, W and Rust R T, (2016), “Brand Buzz in the Echoverse,” Journal of Marketing, 80 (May), 3, 1 – 24.
Keller, K L, (2020), “Consumer Research Insights on Brands and Branding: A JCR Curation,” Journal of Consumer Research, February, 46, 5, 995 – 1001.
Swaminathan, V, Sorescu, A, Steenkamp, J-B E M, O’Guinn, T C B & Schmitt, B, (2020), “Branding in a Hyperconnected World: Refocusing Theories and Rethinking Boundaries,” Journal of Marketing, March, 84, 2, 24 – 46.
Your word limit is 3,000 words excluding Executive Summary, charts, tables, figures, appendices and references

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