Marking Scheme NUR (2111) Performance Measurement at Great Persons advanced understanding of leadership theories The cool car co…

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Marking Scheme NUR (2111)
Module title: Concepts of Engagement: Empowerment and Recovery 
Academic Level: Level 5 
Number of Credits: 20
Assessment Task Formative Assessment (no mark)A plan/idea for the assignment will be submitted to the module tutor for review and feedback. The formative assessment is due by week 05. Summative Assessment (100% mark)Mental Health Nurses have a responsibility for developing mental health practice which works towards implementing the values and principles of empowerment and recovery. Using recovery literature critically discuss how the values of recovery are developed and integrated into professional practice Words: 2,000 words 
   Requirement of module      Percentage: 100%
Module Learning Outcomes All learning outcomes for this module are listed below. All of the modules learning outcomes are being assessed through this assessment task. Assessment criteria and guidance follow the learning outcomes which gives an indication as to how each outcome can be achieved. LO 1:  Identify and critically discuss the principles and values of empowerment and recovery in mental health care Identifies and critically discusses values in society, professional, personal. Defines advocacy and empowerment as well as recovery models in mental health care both organisational and socially. LO 2:  Cultivate and develop critical thinking around ‘empowerment’ and ‘recovery’ using sociological, political, mental health service and economic frameworks as a backdrop. Discusses the policy response on recovery both historically and currently Identifies the policy of recovery from a critical approach. Includes at least one social theory e.g., labelling theory; stigma; critical psychiatry, post psychiatry and refers to either the Conservative government administration’s five-year forward plan or the previous Coalition Government’s plan or the King’s Fund report and or the Task Force report and or the response from the Current government to the task force five year forward plan. LO 3:  Identify and critically appraise engagement skills that can create empowering and recovery based interventions for individuals and their families/carers when working in both crisis and non – crisis situations (assessment, core therapeutic skills, positive risk taking, care planning) Discusses and critically appraises the issue of engagement within mental health services with service users. Discusses how to engage with service users’ families and their recovery either with a relative or their own from caring. Discusses how to engage with risk taking and planning for care with regards to recovery. LO 4: Identify skills and conceptual challenges of inter disciplinary working in contemporary mental health practice and relate these to the principles and values of empowerment and recovery Identifies at least one problem of integrated/Multi-Agency working. Mentions the bio-medical model and social model approaches that can help or hinder the service user’s recovery. Recognises the power by professionals and how they can collaborate with service users and services LO 5:  Evaluate practice experiences and relate these experiences to the principles and values of empowerment and recovery Uses practice experiences as examples

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