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Mechanical Design and Development Minor Assignment 2021 Warman Design & Build Competition: Neutralise Due Date: 9:00am 26th March 2021 Project Submission: Completed individually or in groups of 2. Electronic submission via the Blackboard link with ECU coversheet You have been assigned the task of providing a conceptual study (preliminary design) for the 2021 Warman Design and Build Competition: Neutralise. The document for the 2021 Warman Design and Build Competition: Neutralise is upload to Blackboard under assessments (Major Assignment). The 2021 Warman student pack includes rules for the competition and details of the competition setup track. Note: this competition will form the basis for your Major Assignment, where details of the Major Assignment have been uploaded to Blackboard also. You must hand sketch (i.e. no CAD models), three different concepts for your device design. A selected concept (out of the three) must be ready for detailed design, where this concept illustrates further details. I.e. It should be a viable design with major materials and manufacturing techniques selected and off-the-shelf components identified. The deliverable is a complete concept feasibility study that includes: 1. Product definition and feasibility of initial concepts, provide the following (6 marks): • Product Design Specification (PDS) that includes the problem constraints and criteria • Illustrations of three (3) different concepts – labelling main design features Evaluation of the three (3) different concepts and selection of one concept 2. For the selected concept in Part 1, provide the following (4 marks): • Highly detailed illustration of the chosen concept – labelling all features that define the concept (i.e. each feature should be labelled and justification why it exists) • Describe the manufacturing techniques that will be employed to construct your device Note: The PDS of Part 1 should not exceed 3 pages, and the manufacturing description of Part 2 should not exceed 2 pages. This is a maximum of 5 WRITTEN pages – this does NOT include concept illustrations. CHALLENGE Prototype a reduced scale proof of concept system that precisely delivers ten tennis balls that represent the neutralising pellets, into four vertical tubes of different heights that simulate the silos A, B, C and D. Figure 1. Higher tubes are representative of the higher quantity of neutralising agent required in that silo. The autonomous system will start from a safe area, defined by the Start/End zone, Figure 1. The system will be loaded with up to ten pellets by the team and when activated will deliver the appropriate number of pellets into each tube and return to the Start/End zone. The maximum time the deployment system can be over the chemical is 120 seconds after system activation so the system must have returned to the Start End zone within that time. The system may Revision 1.0 Released 42/2021 contact any surface within the Start End zone and only the silos in the red Bunded zone, Figure 1. For extra stability, the system may be attached to the grey SHS sections in the Start End zone. Figure 1. OBJECTIVE The objective is to design, build and demonstrate a proof of concept scaled prototype pellet deployment system in a laboratory environment. Points will be eamed when your autonomous system starts entirely within the Start End zone and delivers the pellets into cach of four vertical tubes, Figure 1. The required number of pellets to be deposited in each tube is shown in Figure 1. Further points will be scored when the entire system returns to being fully to the Start End zone side of the vivid black line, Figure 1, in less than 120 seconds, faster systems will be preferred. Preferably all ten pellets will be correctly deposited but fewer will earn points. Silo D SHS Bunded Zone Start End Zone Silo A Silo B Siloc Vivid Black Line Figure 1. Schematic view of the Competition Track showing silo tube location and the number of pellets targetted to be in each tube at the completion of the run. Tubes (silos) are shown transparent for clarity.

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