MGTS4546 Management in Practice Assessment 2

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MGTS4546 Management in Practice Assessment 2 Report TemplateMelbourne Semester 2 2021Executive Summary (not counted in word count)You need to provide a summary of the following information in PARAGRAPH format:o Purpose of the report (e.g., analysis of two aspects of management necessary toproperly run the Hydrogen Energy SupplyChain (HESC))o Identify the two management theories and sub-theories, e.g. Ethics, CSR, HRMmatters, Leadership, you use to analysis the HESC project. Provide a briefjustification/rationale of what advantages these frameworks offer.o Say — in your own words – the importance of getting the management systems right bothfor Australia and Japan.Introduction (150 – 200 words)An introduction is the overall ‘roadmap’ for the report document. In this section, you aremeant to provide the context for the report’s topic. You are also meant to outline the topicsthat will be covered in each subsequent section of the report. Finally, you will articulate themain AIM of the report (what are you trying to accomplish here). In other words, restate theproblem as a research question which this report will answerPart 1 Macro, Meso & Micro Context of the HESC Project (350-450 words)Topics to cover here include but are not limited to:o Overview of the energy needs of the hydrogen export sector (e.g., as described in whitepapers issued by energy institutions, by industry peak bodies, etc.)o Overview of the sustainability challenge in Australia and Japan in meeting those energyneeds with a reducing carbon footprint (e.g., to meet the Paris COP 2015 targets)o Examples of what has been tried (whether successful or not), what is being planned for –this may come from industry journalso Remember to ground your analysis of the literature in this section with managementtheory – feel free to use articles and books from the reading list or the wider libraryholdings.o Briefly introduce the HESC project and state your research question.Assignment 1: Individual Report – Developing an evidence base for your recommendations.Weight: 30%Length: Maximum of 1500 words (+/- 10%)MGTS4546 Management in Practice Assessment 2 Report TemplateMelbourne Semester 2 2021Recommendations – (350-450 words)This section is for you to bring together your complex and nuanced analysis of themanagement challenges facing the HESC project and provide some recommendations theyneed to take account of to address them. In particular, discuss the project and the decisionto go ahead with brown coal mining and carbon sequestration (CCS) – what are the benefitsof being first mover and what are the risks of infrastructure development. Imagine that youare writing an argumentative position essay here to convince a corporate board of directorsof the course of action they should take towards developing the project, and in what timeframe.Conclusion (150-200 words)The conclusion is not simply a recapitulation of your report, it is a statement of what youlearned that you didn’t know before. Think of the following sequence: in your own words,what was the research question → what information did you need to research further orretrieve from your prior studies → how did theory help you undertake this managementchallenge → comment on your key take away points about how HESC is developing as useful(or not) towards making a contribution to the energy transition to a carbon neutral economy.Note: If you add up the upper limit of the word count for each section – and write to thatupperlimit – you will exceed the word count for this assignment. The range of words for eachsection is indicative. You need to decide how to distribute the percentage / weight of eachsection based on which theoretical frameworks you use to conduct the analysis.Part 2 – Identify and select models and theory that will help you understand theimplications of the management challenges underpinning the HESC project (400-500 words). Topics to cover here include but are not limited to:Describe the management challenges for client organisations by discussing two of thefollowing: Ethics, CSR, HRM matters, Leadership. Indicative questions you may consideranswering are:o What kind of leadership and subsequent cultures need to be formed when making thedecision to pursue this business opportunity? Why and how?o What HRM strategies need to be considered for the long-term viability of HESC? Whyand how?o Are there environmental, social, political, financial or ethical aspects to considerregarding internal and external stakeholders? Why and How?o How are CSR (and especially Social License) aspects going to be addressed both inAustralia and in Japan?o How could HRM be used, internally, to manage employee uptake and support for thisproduct?o What overall alignment is required between your theories toensure they all say thesame thing when communicating with and motivating employees and the community tosupport the development of this project as a hydrogen export facility?

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