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3) You need a cover page. It doesn’t count toward the final page total.
4) If a fact or idea isn’t common knowledge, provide an in-text citation.
5) Your thesis only tells me that LGBT rights is a difficult issue. This paper calls for you to pick a side in the debate and argue that side. Take another look at the prompt. Pay attention to the need to have a “research discussion” and to include two arguments in favor of your thesis and a response to one argument that contradicts your thesis.
6) You must present the Catholic Church’s teaching by citing an official Church document or the perspectives of a theologian on the issue.
7) You must explain the role that two principles of Catholic Social Teaching play in this issue’s debate.
8) You must provide a personal response and reflection about your opinions on the issue.
9) You are required to have a minimum of 6 citations (three from scholarly sources and one from a Church source). You also need four annotated bibliographies.

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