morale of employees

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The questions should be answered in context with information gotten from chapter 5 of the textbook attached below 
Variable exercise 1
What are the main types of variables discussed in this chapter?
Variable exercise 2
A  store manager observes that the morale of employees in her supermarket is low. She thinks that if their working conditions are improved, pay scales raised, and the vacation benefits made more attractive, the morale will be boosted. She doubts, however, if an increase in pay scales would raise the morale of all employees. Her conjecture is that those who have supplemental incomes will just not be ‘turned on’ by higher pay, and only those without side incomes will be happy with increased pay, with a resultant boost in morale. List and label the variables in this situation. Explain the relationships among the variables and illustrate them by means of diagrams. What might be the problem statement or problem definition for the situation

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