Mount View Swimming Club

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Question 3 Not yet answered Marked out of 10.00 Flag questionSam is 18 years old and one day decided to join his friends for a swimming session at Mount View Swimming Club. It was Sam’s first visit to the Mount View Swimming Club. Sam got a day pass at the reception and went to the changing rooms on the first floor to get ready for the swimming session. Sam changed into his swimming clothes and put on his training fins. He then went to the head of a flight of stairs to descend to the swimming pool. Sam held onto the rail and started to walk down the stairs. He slipped on a wet patch on the stairs and hit his head on the floor. He sustained severe injuries to his head including a fractured skull. The floor area in the vicinity of the stairs was covered in a recycled rubber carpet that was soft, waterproof, with a non-slip characteristic. There was no warning signage near the stairs not to wear fins on the steps. However, there was a sign (in red on a black background) at the back of the changing room door which stated that the floor might be slippery at times and to be careful at all times. However, unknown to Mount View Swimming Club, another patron had put a lost item notice on the back of the door which covered the warning sign. Mount View Swimming Club had five slip and fall incidents last month, and all have been entered in the daily log.Discuss whether Mount View Swimming Club owes a duty to Sam and whether such duty has been breached.BS3AAW B

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