MPIO Individual Assignment

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MPIO Individual Assignment – International Centres 2020
This individual assignment requires you to integrate your learning from across the module and to focus on the relationship between Bolman and Deal’s 4 frames and the processes of change management. In the assignment, it is expected that you will demonstrate your capacity for researching the topic and engaging in critical analysis by considering evidence from different perspectives, even where they challenge/ contradict each other!! Using a range of academic sources beyond the core module material will certainly help you with this assignment.
Undertake a critical review of the value to an organisation, which is embarking on a major planned change process, in utilising Framing and Reframing (Bolman and Deal) (25%).
Analyse the extent to which framing and reframing are used by EITHER Prudential and Volkswagen in embarking on organisational change. Critically assess the ways in which both companies show evidence of understanding the 4 frames and suggest how framing and reframing could have been used more effectively (50%).
Reflect on how your own organisation (or one with which you are personally familiar) could learn from the Prudential and Volkswagen cases in undertaking planned change (25%).
Bolman and Deal
Prudential Case Study
Volkswagen Case Study
Wider academic reading on organisational change
Indicative length
3,000 – 3,500 words
You must your completed work through Turnitin. All submissions must be electronic through portal, and your Turnitin report uploaded to portal.
Assessment criteria
Individual Assignment
Very good
Neither satisfactory or unsatisfactory
Focus upon answering the question(s)

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Critical/ analytical rather than descriptive in tone

Demonstrates appropriate level of knowledge

Makes good use of academic sources

Utilises case study evidence

Quality of presentation and referencing

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