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QA BSc Computing Technologies
Coursework – Network Design and Troubleshooting
Individual Written Report: Case Study Analysis
Academic year and term:
2021/22 – Semester-1, Year 2
Module title:
Network Design and Troubleshooting
Module code:
Module Convener:
Dr M Hasan
Module Learning
Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:
1. Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes of
Network Design.
2. Critically analyse and evaluate business and technical
3. Plan and design a Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN/MAN).
4. Design and evaluate a management and implementation strategy
for a network.
5. Collect and synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor
solutions, with the module assignment providing a good opportunity
to test this area.
6. Evaluate a range of information comparing alternative methods and
techniques used in Network Design.
7. Be able to troubleshoot and maintain integrated, complex networks.
Learning outcomes
assessed within this
piece of work as agreed
at the programme level
This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:
1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the knowledge base of this
module and its terminology and discourse.
2. Evaluate network devices to be used for a particular area in the
network in relation to requirement.
3. Design and implement a fully functional network infrastructure
based on requirements given in the assignment brief.
4. Demonstrate autonomous learning context and draw on prior
experiences reflecting and evaluating on new leaning outcome.
60% of the total module marks
Type of assessment:
Individual Written Report: case study analysis and design
using network simulation
Recommended maximum words (2500 words)
Assessment deadline:
Individual Report to be submitted on 14/05/2021 (before
2:00pm). This should be submitted via Turnitin on Moodle as
a word-processed document file.
Kind reminder: You MUST make a reasonable attempt at your
assignment and submit it. Failure to do so may result in CAPPED Resit
and/or failure of the module.
It is also the students’ full responsibility to ensure that all assignments are
submitted on the correct link and on time before the submission date.
2 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
This is an individual assignment based on the case study scenario presented below
(recommended maximum words: 2500 words). This assignment will assess your
understanding of the principles of network design and the ability to analyse, design and
create a network infrastructure fully configured and tested which will reflect your
understanding of network design and troubleshooting.
Assignment support
Although your lecturer will guide you throughout the module, extra support is also available
for your assignment, just make an appointment with the ACE team for any language,
research and study skills issues and/or talk, email the Computing ACE expert for any
advice on how to approach your assignment. REMEMBER: they are not here to give you
the answers!
3 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
Assignment Task
You are working as a network engineer for, your company contracted a third
party company to design and implement network for their new branch in London.
Below is the third party company network infrastructure design including recommendation
submitted to which includes the network floor diagram, network topology as
expressed in figure 1 and 2.
Figure 1: Existing network floor diagram
Figure 2: Proposed Network topology
4 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
The third party company decided that there is no need to allocate a room specifically for the
server, as each department will keep their server close to the users as possible for ease of
management. In other words, Admin server will be close to the admin users and so on. The
backup is carried out in main fileserver using an external hard disk, which is stored in a
locked cabinet next to the server.
Based on the number of users, the third party company decided that there is no need to
segment the network as there is a limited number of users and hence there will be no large
broadcast domain. However, the company director expressed some concerns and asked
you to evaluate the third party network solution and design a new solution. uses private network address of, and a public IP address of Security, availability and scalability are paramount, hence your design
and configuration must be based on these criteria.
Table 1 shows the users distribution and requirement according to’s policy.
Security Requirements
5 PC
Need a complete isolation from all users of other groups
4 PC
1 Printer
1 Scanner
Need a complete isolation from all users of other groups
16 PC
1 Printer
Need a complete isolation from all users of other groups
File Servers
3 servers
Each server proposed to be placed near allocated ie. Sales,
admin and engineers.
Web, email
2 servers
1 will act as
internal dns
All users including external access will use web and email
 All computers will use a Microsoft product such as servers and workstations.
 LAN Network needs to be physically redundant at least at wiring / Switches level.
5 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
The network given in the above scenario may have many areas of network security
concerns, you are to perform the following task and provide the following:
A. Evaluate the given network design in terms of security, availability and scalability.
Your evaluation should include discussions of potential security impacts on the given
B. With the aid of diagram, design a new secured and reliable network. Your network
design should include:
o Analysis and evaluation of topology used including Network documentation
(topology documentation, devices configuration tables and end devices
configuration table).
o Analysis and evaluation of devices, protocol and technologies used.
o Network security consideration.
o Sample related configuration of switches, routers should be discussed in the
assignment body
o Produce a test report on all network including web, email and dns servers
functionality and connectivity across all network including to/from DMZ.
o Include network simulation file in your assignment appendices.
6 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
Assessment criteria / Marking scheme
Assessment Criteria
Introduction to the context and/or background to the topic, indicating
the purpose of the report.
The introduction includes some definitions of complex terminology or
acronyms indicating ideas in view of the conclusion of the report.
Knowledge and
Knowledge and understanding
Demonstrate effective approach to study and research including
explanation and discussion of subject concepts, exploring requirements
of given assignment.
10 Marks
Using relevant information paraphrased / interpreted from sound
sources, summarising and making sense of information.
Application and
Applying knowledge and analysis
Discussion, examination and analysis of different network components,
exploring the relationship between different components eg: topology
used including Network documentation (topology documentation,
devices configuration tables and end devices configuration table).
15 Marks
Reasoning of device/components selection based on prior-knowledge,
backed by evidence of research from academic sources. Sample
related configuration of switches, routers should be discussed in the
assignment body
Discussion and analysis of different network models as well as network
security consideration.
Evaluation and
Evaluation of different components and network model
The judgment in selecting components shows understanding of issues
based on evaluating and comparing different network components
supported by literature.
15 Marks
Evaluation of different technologies and/or protocols such as VLANs,
Trunking, Access control, DHCP etc.
Design and
Network implementation and design
Implementation and configuration of all network components and
protocol with evidence (sample network configuration scripts).
20 Marks
The plan accommodated the necessary devices and accounted for the
Evidence of the work carried out in designing and implementation is
apparent and demonstrates autonomy and independence.
Testing and
Testing and documentation
A well-defined document that reflects testing of given requirements,
protocol, and selected components used.
10 Marks
Demonstrate and present network testing using appropriate technical
language evidently related to the work carried.
Presentation /
Presentation, document structure and reflection
The document is well-styled using appropriate academic language,
presenting information using many methods including graphs, text and
diagrams where applicable.
10 Marks
The report reflects autonomous and creativity including an insight
reflection of learning supported by theory.
Academic integrity and referencing
References are correctly presented to an appropriate academic style
and relevant to the subject.
10 Marks
References are from different sources (Books, journals, periodicals and
technical reports) to support the discussion within the report, properly
cited and paraphrased to relevant source of information.
7 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
Assignment Preparation Guidelines
 All components of the assignment (text, diagrams. code etc.) must be submitted in ….one-word file
(hand-written text or hand drawn diagrams are not acceptable), any other accompanied materials such
as simulation file, code, etc. should be attached in appendices.
 Standard and commonly used fonts such as Arial or Calibri should be used, font size must be within
the range of 10 to 15 points including the headings, body text and any texts within diagrams,
 Spacing should not be less than 1.5
 Pay attention to the Assessment criteria / Marking scheme, the work is to be concise and technical.
Try to analyse, compare and evaluate rather than simply describe.
 All figures, screenshots, graphs and tables must be numbered and labelled.
 The assignment should be logically structured, the core of the report may start by defining the problem
/ requirements, followed by the proposed solution including a detailed discussion, analysis and
evaluation, leading to implementation and testing stage, finally a conclusion and/or personal reflection
on learning.
 Screenshots without description / discussion does not constitute understanding and maybe assumed
 Please access your Turnitin Test Page via Dashboard or My modules to learn more about Turnitin and
to make a test submission and to check your similarity score before uploading your final version
 You will have opportunity to submit as many times to your module pages as you want up until the
 Make sure to make backup of your work to avoid distress for loss or damage of your original work, use
multiple storage media (memory stick, cloud and personal computer).
 Please note file size limitation might apply. You work must be under 100MB.
Assignment support:
 During the delivery of the module, you will have several opportunities to get formative feedback on
your assessment during tutorials.
 Although you will be guided throughout the module by your lecturer, you can get extra support for your
assignment, just make an appointment with the ACE team for any language, research and study skills
issues and/or talk, email the Computing ACE expert for any advice on how to approach your
assignment. REMEMBER: they are not here to give you the answers!
 Students will have access to formative feedback on each task set in workshops, thereby helping them
to refine their approach to the summative tasks that have been set.
 However, please note that this feedback is limited to recommendations on improving your work.
Lecturers will not confirm any grades or marks.
 The feedback can be one-to-one or in-group sessions.
 Finally, you will receive summative feedback within a month of your final submission. Please note that
the summative feedback and the grades remain provisional until approval from the exam board.
8 | 8 © 2019 Roehampton University
Plagiarism and Collusion
 Academic Integrity is a matter that is taken very seriously at the university and student should
endeavour to enforce it to all their assignments. In other words, plagiarism, collusion (working and
copying from another student) and ghost writing will not be tolerated and will result in sanctions eg:
capped resit, suspension and/or withdrawal. Correct referencing demonstrates your academic and
professional skill. It also reflects your academic honesty and thus to some degree protects you from
cases of plagiarism.
 You must write your assignment in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the subject.
 Material from external sources must be properly referenced and cited within the text using the Harvard
referencing system,
 You are required to follow the Roehampton Harvard referencing System. Please refer to Moodle
for the latest version of the Roehampton Harvard referencing System or ask the library.
 An accompanying list of references (on a separate page and in alphabetical order) must also be
provided as part of your work.
 Plagiarism: occurs when you present somebody else’s work as your own, whether that work is an idea,
graphs, figure, illustration or a pure text. Be it available in web, textbooks, reports or otherwise.
 Wholesale use of text and diagrams from websites is considered as plagiarism when not
 Plagiarism will be dealt with firmly and can lead to serious consequences and disciplinary procedures.
 Collusion: occurs when copying another student’s report (Text, Figures, Illustration etc..) and
submitting it as your own.
Submission and Late submission
 Students must ensure that their work is satisfactory and fit for purpose, both academically and free
from any plagiarism.
 Students must use an appropriate coversheet, which must include the subject, assignment title,
student ID and date-time.
 Tutors, lecturers and module convenors do not have the authority to extend the submission deadlines
nor the exam time/date. In case of any mitigating circumstances, students should fill in the relevant
mitigating circumstances form(s) available at —— Student Services —–
 The marking of the assignment will be capped at 40 if the assignment is submitted within first seven
(7) days after the deadline, any submission late than 7 days will be ignored.
 The Submission File should be appropriate to the topic/title of the assignment and contain the Student
ID, (Student ID-Assignment title)
 All coursework related material must be attached as an appendix in the final coursework/assignment
document, including any computer-generated document, software/ code, simulation file etc..

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