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Group Project – ICT Strategic Plan
Group members: 3 – 4 students
Overall Allocation: 30%
Part A: ICT Strategic Plan 2020-2025
Deliverable: Written REPORT (1500 to 2000 words)
Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm – 26/01/2020
Total marks: 40
Part B: Presentation
Deliverable: 1 ppt, presenting by all group members
Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm – 26/01/2020
Total marks: 10
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PART A: ICT Strategic Plan 2020-2025
The Camdale Hospital is a large hospital. The hospital needs to upgrade its legacy
IT systems to comply with a new government national health records database
system and protect the systems from increasing threats from hackers. This will
enable doctors to see a patient’s full medical history not just from the hospital. It will
require changes to the way data is input and who can access the data. The data is to
be stored in the cloud securely for convenient access while reducing costs of
maintaining a in house data center.
The CEO, Anne Smith has also expressed interest in seeing if useful information can
be gained from patient medical records to reduce costs and improve medical
outcomes by selecting the best procedures for patients and reduce error rates
leading to better outcomes. She would also like to reduce waste and theft of
resources by better tracking of all inventory, currently there is limited visibility of
where and when usage occurs.
Staff are requesting they can track their hours worked and work emails from their
mobile devices. The CEO also would like to have a mobile application where patients
can manage their appointments and register themselves into the queue on arrival for
various health checks in the hospital, this would help reduce the number of missed
appointments and lost time.
The core element of this assignment is the development of ICT strategic plan with
features of innovation, planning and implementation of a true revolutionary
organization in 2025. Think ahead and imagine 2025.
Your task is that as a CIO (Chief information officer) you design an ICT
Strategy to position the hospital to meet the goals and business strategy
provided by the CEO while maintaining security over next 5 years that focus
on the following critical IT matter:
1. Infrastructure (especially IAAS)
2. DM (Data Management)
3. MDM (Mobile Device Management)
4. Governance/CoBit
5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
6. Risk/Security/Privacy
Your ICT strategic Plan must include but not limited to:
a. Organization Vision, Mission and Objective
b. Background
c. Drivers for Change
d. At Least three ICT strategic themes and relevant ICT capabilities
e. Roadmap and ICT initiatives
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f. IT Governance
g. References (Harvard style)
h. Glossary
It is encouraged to make graphical representation of above plan
Highlight focuses areas and findings using bold writing and bullets.
You may make assumptions about the AS-IS situation without attempting to do any
direct research (e.g. it is almost a certainty that the hospital has multiple stand-alone
databases at multiple locations). So long as you describe them.
You may make assumptions about the form of the TO-BE goal (be as inventive as
you like). So long as the innovations achieve this are described
Part A marking criteria are given below:
Marking Criterion
Marks Allocated
Organization Vision, Mission and Objective
Drivers for Change
Three ICT strategic themes and relevant ICT capabilities
Roadmap (including Background) and ICT initiatives and IT
(Graphical Representation+ Notes+ Numbering/Bullets+
Spelling/Grammar) + References + Glossary
Total Marks
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PART B: Presentation for Senior
Every student must play a role in presenting each of the following criterion. The marks will
be allocated for presentation skills, quality of slides and documents and clarity of information
delivered. Only students present will receive marks for this part.
Part B Marking Criterion
Marks Allocated
Presentation preparation (slide design, present on time)
Presentation content: Pick main ideas from the report to
present and convince targeted audience
Presentation skills
(Eye contact + voice quality+ style)
Total Marks
Submission Procedure:
Please submit a soft copy on VU collaborate via the link titled ‘Assignment
submission – part A’ and ‘Presentation – Part B’ in the Assessments section. All
assignments must have signed assignment cover with clear student names and their
IDs. Only the most recent submission is kept. Please note that marks will be
deducted if the assignment fails to comply with specifications and deadlines above!
File format: Microsoft Word or pdf. Marking strictly follows marking criteria.
Students should use this marking guide as reference to complete this group
assignment. However, in marking the assignment we will have discretion in varying
marks per person depending on the quality and effort that they provide to this
assignment. In this group assignment I expect all students to contribute equally.
Please keep an eye on relevant announcements at VU collaborate. In case of any
question, please don’t hesitate to contact your lecturer.
Warning: Assignments will be checked for plagiarism using software to compare your submission
with other group submissions, past assignments and other online sources.

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