NU425-7 Nursing Informatics

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Annotated Bibliography
John McAdory
Herzing University
NU425-7 Nursing Informatics
Professor Susan Austin
Date: 09/20/2020
Annotated Bibliography
Williams, Cynthia PhD, PT, MHS; Hamadi, Hanadi PhD; Cummings, Cynthia L. EdD, RN,
CHSE,CNE. (2020). Optimizing the Cognitive Space of Nursing Work Through Electronic MedicalRecords.
The purpose of this article is to show the reader how much having an EMR has improved patient satisfaction and the reduced probability of adverse events. This article also states the importance of having a EMR that allows a nurse to smoothly ingest information that has been written by another nurse. The article is very interesting in the fact that it talks about a focus group conducted with nurses and the topic was how does interaction with the EMR influence your productivity, What is the value of information in the EMRand how does it influence decision making and how do you prefer to communicate information about your patients with your team members. From what I understand in reading the results, nurses view the EMR as a pool where information managed in a open environment. The nurses also felt like the EMR helped them to make clinical decisions such as vital sign alerts and manage medications. I agree with all the things the nurses stated as I also have done the same thing. This article would make an excellent addition to my final paper because it has focus groups that provide real data from nursing personnel who are working out in the field. This is much better than theories or assumptions.
Choi, M PhD, RN; Park, J MPH, RN; Lee, H MSN, RN (2016). Assessment of the need to
Integrate Academic Electronic Medical Records Into the Undergraduate Clinical Practicum: A Focus Group Interview.
The purpose of this paper is to view the perception of how students, teachers and new nurses feel about integration of the academic EMR into the undergraduate clinical practicum. This article goes further into the method of how information was collected using focus groups. The results of the focus group were positive or in favor or using a EMR in a school setting. I think this information is relevant and very credible as this class also uses a EMR system to document with Vsim. I feel that it is very important to start early using a EMR system as this is the trend with most hospitals and nursing homes. This article can be used in my final paper because the information is very relevant and involves what I’m doing this semester. Furthermore EMR are the future of nursing and will continue to be approved upon.
Yokota, S RN, Tomotaki, A MS, RN, Mohri, O RN, Miyoko MS CAN (2018). Evaluating the
Effectiveness of a Fall Risk Screening Tool Implemented in an Electronic Medical Record System.
The purpose of this article is to give a closer or more specific look at how EMR’s can be used as a screening tool when it comes to falls. The article talks about a subject every nurse will see or experience in the nursing field and that is falls. The EMR can be a great tool to use to track people who have falls and place the patient in a safe category to know who may be ready to use a walker or a wheelchair. In this article patient data from 24 general wards are used to estimate the fall rate of a facility. This is a credible article because The facility I work at uses a technique to calculate our over all fall rate. The facility I work at strives to keep the rate at 0% however that isn’t the reality. This can be used in my final paper because this article goes into specifics about how an EMR can be used besides as a pool of information. It can be used to calculate falls and other ailments at a facility.
Despins, L. (2018). Automated Deterioration Detection Using Electronic Medical Record Data in Intensive Care Unit Patients: A Systematic Review.
The purpose of this article is to show how a EMR can help medical personnel in identifying the deterioration in intensive care units. Using algorithms involving lab results, vital signs, medication orders, respiratory therapy and x-rays can calculate effectiveness of therapies. The article goes into depth about the consequences of not being about to detect deterioration from a patient and the benefits of catching or detecting deterioration early. This is especially critical in a intensive care unit where patients often cant talk or point to something that hurts or verbalize hunger. This is very credible and critical to the nursing or even medical field in general. A system like this can literally save lives and prevent a hospital from losing unnecessary money through liable or equipment being used on a patient. This article can be used in my final paper because it talks about what a EMR can truly be used for.
Driscoll, M DNP, MBA, RN; Gurka, David PhD, MD. (Oct. 2015). Using the Electronic
Medical Record to Enhance Physician-Nurse Communication Regarding Patient’s Discharge Status.
The purpose of this article is to show how communication with the EMR between doctors and nurses can be coordinated to perform a smooth discharge. The article goes into how most hospital reach full occupancy by noon on most days and how performing a smooth and quick discharge can help to open room and bed quicker to treat others in need. The admission-discharge timing mismatch has the most potential to be minimized with multidisciplinary interventions. In other words, with the EMR there doesn’t have to be a face to face with the doctor. The Physician can simply type what he wants you say and provide the discharge information and the nurse has to simply print and read the discharge. This is very credible as many schools and facilities don’t teach about where or how to give discharge instructions. I believe it is because discharging people is so personalized that there isn’t a truly wrong way of doing it. This would make a great ending to a final paper because of the communication with the physician and how close we work with them to do our job and how detailed it is to work with a EMR to perform the last and sometimes the most memorable portion of a patient stay at a hospital.

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