obtain a string representation

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Suppose class Student represents information about students in a course. Each student has a name and a list of test scores. The Student class should allow the user to view a student’s name, view a test score at a given position, view the highest test score, view the average test score, and obtain a string representation of the student’s information. When a Student object is created, the user supplies the student’s name and the number of test scores. Each score is initially presumed to be 0. Complete the missing codes in the following program. class Student (object) “Represents a student. def init (self name, number) All scores are initially 0. self name name self scores for count in xrange (number) self scores append (0) def getName (self) ”””Returns the student’s name. your code here def setScore (self, i, score) “Resets the ith score, counting from 1. your code here def gets core (self i) Returns the ith score, counting from 1. your code here def get Average (self) “Returns the average score

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