Operations Manager

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Individual Assignment
Question 1
Andrew just got promoted as a Junior Manager. He has six (6) subordinates under his care. Recently, Andrew received a project from his Senior Manager, Ryan, to run a charity programme.
By using the most basic principles in management, (e.g. the function of management, etc.), advise Andrew how he can run this charity programme efficiently and effectively. Briefly explain to Andrew the possible managerial roles that he needs to play in the project. You may provide examples that are suitable for the case.
Question 2
Benjamin is a newly hired Sales Manager in a skin care company. Benjamin used to work as an Operations Manager in a fast food company. Benjamin’s first task in the company is to create a strategic plan for a new series of cosmetic that are going to launch in two years. Previously, this company has never produce any cosmetic before. In order to create a good plan, Billy did extensive study on the previous plans in the market for the last 3 years.
Identify whether there is any problems in the planning of Benjamin. Explain your reasons for the problems you identified based on the management principles you have learnt in planning. Recommend practical ways in planning for Benjamin to achieve his objective.
Question 3
Cindy is a successful pediatrician. She is now working in a renowned private hospital. She has a lot of customers and her daily appointment is basically full. Recently, Cindy has been thinking whether she should opt to leave the private hospital and open a pediatric clinic of her own. She is unable to make decision as her thoughts are disturbed of the pros and cons of both decisions.
With relevant management principles, discuss the approach to be used by Cindy to assist her in the decision making of this major decision. Explain the reasons for the chosen approach.
Question 4
Dylan is the Senior Engineering Manager in a big company. Dylan obtained a double Master degree in Engineering and IT (Information Technology). Occasionally,Dylan also helps the IT Department to solve some problems. Dylan earns high popularity among the colleagues in Engineering and IT Department.
Due to Dylan’s skills and his kind attitude, he is respected and loved by most of the colleagues in the company. Some colleagues in the IT department even offer to help Dylan in his office work. Consequently, this matter upset Edwin, the IT Manager. Edwin filed a complaint to the CEO that Dylan abuses his authority of asking the staff in IT department to perform work.
Identify and discuss whether the complaint of Edwin is valid, i.e. Dylan misused his authority in instructing the IT staff to perform work for him or his department. Provide reasons for your discussion.

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