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Matriculation Number: 40313825
Indicative project title: 
An investigation into the impact and importanceof the way appropriate leadership is able to promote a participatory environment when effecting change: A case study of Bank of Saint Lucia Limited
Main academic area(s) and sub-area(s)
Organisational Change Management Leadership
Context and rationale:
For approximately seven years, Bank of Saint Lucia has undergone numerous changes and has also been faced with a major challenge of being unable to maintain a profitable position.
During the period 2012-2015 the institution made major changes which resulted in hiring of consultants, implementation of new processes and procedures, job losses and job transfers within.  These aforementioned changes resulted in an environment filled with insecurity and distress.
Bank of Saint Lucia’s employees are of the view that new processes and procedures implemented are being forced through and there is a lack of effective communication.
Aims and objectives:
To critically examine Bank of Saint Lucia’s current culture
To identify and assess the gap between management and staff
To explore the dominant leadership style that exists at Bank of Saint Lucia and its’ impact on employees’ performance and behaviour
To develop strategies thatwill foster the necessary participatory environment, when Bank of Saint Lucia is looking forward to future implementation of major changes
Indicative research approach (methodology, design and methods):
The intended approach for collecting data for the project will be from both primary and secondary sources.  The use of surveys, questionnaires and interviews from various staff members and managers will be the means of obtaining primary data.  The questionnaires planned to be used will consist of both open-ended and closed-ended questions.  The open-ended questions will be utilised so that the researcher can obtain much more insight into the employees’ and managers’ thought processes.  It is the intention that the identity of Managers and employees remain anonymous.
The secondary data will be collected via an analysis of Bank of Saint Lucia’s vision, mission, core values, manuals and policies and procedures.
Potential ethical issues:
The information collected from Bank of Saint Lucia, its’ managers and employees will be strictly utilised for this project.  All data gathered will be kept private and confidential especially that of managers and employees.  This project will pose no risk to Bank of Saint Lucia Limited and the participants will not be harmed in any way with the collected data.
Seminal (or most relevant) references [maximum of five]:
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