organize and record your sources

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RememberOne of the major reasons why it is vital to organize and record your sources is because you will be required to cite the sources you use in the formation of your research paper (as was discussed in the presentation by Cara Bradley). Failure to formally cite your sources is plagiarism.During the library research session, you have already been given a definition and discussed plagiarism and the consequences associated to academic dishonesty, but it is worth repeating what plagiarism is:According to Faigley et al. (2012) plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s exact ideas, words, data, or analysis without giving appropriate credit (p. 253).If you go to page 254 you can read the exact words used by Faigley to define plagiarism. As you can see, I paraphrased Faigley’s work, but I still gave him credit. Therefore, whether you directly quote from a source or not, you are still required to formally cite your sources.ARead

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