Ownership and accept accountability

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Lead continuous improvement systems and processes
1.1 Develop strategies to ensure that team members are actively encouraged and supported to participate in decision-making processes, assume responsibility and exercise initiative as appropriate
Participating in decision making processes
If staff members are encouraged to participate in decision making processes then they will be more likely to take ownership and accept accountability
It is important for the staff members to feel that they have your full support and that their jobs won’t be at risk if wrong decisions are taken
There should be opportunities for the staff members to make decisions about aspects of work that they are directly related with.
Assuming responsibility
It is important to speak with those people who are reluctant to assume responsibility
You might identify the need for adjustments or praise as a means of encouraging the employees to take greater responsibility
It will be necessary to clearly clarify the responsibilities of each individual employee
You should refer to their job descriptions and ensure that their expectations are clearly stated and understood.
Exercising initiative
It will be important for employees to exercise an appropriate level of initiative
They should be prepared to make decisions which involve an element of risk
You should arrange regular meetings and consider other means of encouraging employees
It will also be necessary to praise positive contributions and ensure that the best ideas are implemented.

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