Paper InstructionsDuring this course

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Paper InstructionsDuring this course you will write two papers on therapeutic approaches appropriate for family counseling. Your paper will provide both a broad overview and personal integration.    OptionsObject Relations TherapyBowen’s Family System TherapyContextual TherapySymbolic-Experienctial Family TherapyEmotionally Focused TherapySelect one of the family counseling approaches from the lists above for your topic. Your paper will present a broad overview of the selected approach and should identify leading figures, historical and current issues related to the approach, development of the theory, concepts, and unique techniques related to your chosen approach. You must use at least four (4) scholarly references as a basis for your paper, including books and journals that are written to or for scholars. You may use the Goldenberg & Goldenberg textbook as a primary reference. Your sources must be cited in current APA format in both the body of your paper and your reference page. Your paper requires a minimum of 4 full pages. All work is to be original work.Liberty University provides a helpful tutorial on finding appropriate sources for this assignment. Use the link below to watch this 5 minute video:· Paper due by 9/23/2018 8:00 am
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