Payroll is a fairly complex area

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CHAPTER 9 – PAYROLLPayroll is a fairly complex area, and for that reason we have kept these exercises as simple as possible. You will learn how to set up and process a payroll. Further information about the payment of wages in Australia and the terminology used in these exercises is provided in the Appendix together with instructions on how to print PAYG Payment Summaries and roll into a new payroll year.Carry on Camping had two employees in the last financial year, one full-time and the other part-time. They were paid fortnightly based on an hourly rate of pay. A new employee will be starting on July 1 and for that reason the owner of the business (James Brown) has decided it is time to computerise the payroll system. The current tax table in the software you have downloaded is one dated 1/7/2018. The tax tables tend to change annually, so if your software has a different version to the one being used, then your pays will differ slightlyfrom the amounts shown in these exercises for the PAYG Withholding.Setup Payroll (using Easy Setup Assistant) • If you are at a Command Centre — select Setup > Easy Setup Assistant > Pay roll icon, to return to the Easy Setup Assistant where you can work your waythrough the setup process. • If you are already in the Easy Setup Assistant click Payroll icon.Introduction Read then click on the Tax Tables tab.Load payroll tax tables into your company file Click [Load Tax Tables] and the message shown in figure 9.1 appears.AR Paw oll Easy Setup AssistantIntoducton ITax Tabes Payroll Year Parrot facs-rnaben linked Accounts Payroll Categoric, employee Cards TmedneetsFIGURE 9.1— Load Tax Tablesa 0 Help for this windowLoad payrod tax tables Into your company file Tax Tables are the foundaton for setting up Payroll in Acco.n.ght du, To make sure that correct fax amounts are being deducted from oath paycheque, you must have current tax tables. The Payroll Easy Setup Assistant help you check for the most recent ties. Once you have the latest tables. simply olick Loal;ITax Table-5. After you’ve loaded your tax tables, the date on .o.hich the,,, were created 7,01 appear below.Check fo71.7pdates Citric check for updates to be sure you have the most so-refit payroll tax lutes. available. Fequires- Internet access.;.Load Tax tables j cock Load Tax Tables to begin loading the tables into you company file.AR Load Tao Tab’sAboutTax TeamL57.2 .111 0 Help for this -WindowTan tables are used to caborlate tax vothbotdoos from employer pays, we prowl& updated tax tablos ,henever rise ATO &woes PAYG thresholds or rates CAccountRightsubsoripton reputed),Here you can lord the tax tables that came ride th-s AccountRight version. if they’re out of date, goo” need to update anzottotkerbt to get the latest ones.Load Tax Tables I Cancel
Click [Load Tax Tables] and the message shown in figure 9.2 appears.CHAPTER 9 – PAYROLL267

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