perform a security testing on the network

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Task Details: This Assignment requires you to perform a security testing on the network to identify the threats, prepare a Risk Mitigation report and configure some of the firewall settings using Kali Linux to secure the network and the distributed applications. The assignment consists of two parts.Part A:Use Nmap — a security testing in Kali Linux to perform penetration testing on the network (features of Nmap listed below). Prepare a short Risk Mitigation plan to identify the threats for the assets. This plan will guide you to proceed with the firewall settings required for the organization as you focus on the second part of the assignment. Features of Nmap: o Host discovery: useful for identifying hosts in any network o Port scanning: lets you enumerate open ports on the local or remote host o OS detection: useful for fetching operating system and hardware information about any connected device o App version detection: allows you to determine application name and version number o Scriptable interaction: extends Nmap default capabilities by using Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)Part B:Configure a few settings on the firewall for the network using Kali Linux commands to achieve a required level of security. The initial set of commands are given to you to start with. You may need to perform online search to complete the rest of the requirements for the firewall setting

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