perform verification and validation

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Review Questions
1. In code inspection, what would you set as the condition (e.g., how many discovered defects) for re-inspection?
2.List the four techniques discussed to perform verification and validation.
3. List two techniques you can use to perform validation—that is, to ensure your program meets user requirements.
4. Briefly explain the concept of static analysis, and to which software products it can be applied.
5. Briefly explain two different ways to decide when to stop testing.
6. Consider the simple case of testing 2 variables, X and Y, where X must be a nonnegative number, and Y must be a number between -5 and +15. Utilizing boundary value analysis, list the test cases.
7. Describe the steps involved in a formal inspection process and the role of a moderator in this process.
Discussion Question
Can static analysis be applied to documents such as requirements, and what may we be investigating?
Name three sets of people who may participate in testing.

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