Performance Appraisals Within PepsiCo

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Introduction. Provide a paragraph to establish context for the paper.Current Processes. Describe your organization�s current process for appraising performance.Assessing Performance Appraisals. Assess the performance appraisal processes used in your organization. Consider the following questions:Does the performance appraisal process align with the overall mission, vision, values, and strategic aims?Are there gaps in the methods used to gather individual data?Are there additional or more efficient steps that could be taken to gather valid and reliable performance data?Are performance measurements up to date, well defined, measurable, and accurate?Alternate Option: If information on performance appraisals is not readily available or is non-existent for formal processes, (1) briefly describe the processes that are known to have been used (including informal), (2) inquire of the HR professionals and/or management and/or employees about the efficiency and effectiveness of the process that is currently in place (or not in place), and (3) based on your inquires and additional scholarly research, recommend a performance appraisal system that should be in place for compliance and in support of the company�s overall mission, vision, values, and strategic aims.Researching Recent Trends. Research and report on at least three recent trends in performance appraisal systems (i.e., moving away from annual reviews to more regular performance �conversations� and shifting measurements from completion rates to manager impact) that would apply to your company.Developing a Process Document. Based on your assessment of performance appraisal system(s) for your organization and your review of recent trends, develop a document (one full page to two full pages) outlining a revised performance appraisal process.The process document can take the form of a sentence outline or a flowchart with detailed annotations. Select one form for completing this assignment. The links below will provide helpful resources for the one you select.Sentence Outline. Download the How to Create a Sentence Outline (PDF) document.… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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