Personal analysis

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Students are required to answer all questions below
The entire answer, excluding preliminary pages (such as the cover page, table of contents, reference pages) should not be more than 10 pages
The assignment should be written with 1.5 paragraphing spacing, Times New Roman, Font Size 12.
Research must be done and all the references must be appropriately acknowledged in the text (with the authors name and page number) and on a separate reference page
Students are expected to use reputable and credible references. Using unverified references such as Blogs, or Wikipedia or Law Teacher or Course Hero will result in a deduction of marks
The Assignment must be written based on /using Malaysian Law
Student must submit the Assignment via Safe assign and/or Turnitin available via the Blackboard Platform. The acceptable similarity index would be 24% or below. Having a similarity index above this will result in a deduction of marks
The marks are based on the following issues including:a) How thorough the discussion;b) The points of arguments made in terms of its relevance, organisation, clarity and logic.c) Evidence of extensive researchd) How well supported is the conclusione) Personal analysis and how well the question is answered.
Any non-compliance will be resulted in deduction of marks
The Marking Rubric as well as guidelines is attached together as Appendix A for Student’s references
Students are encouraged to consult Lecturer if needed.
Deduction of 20% of Overall Marks will be imposed to Students who had failed to complete at least 9 (Online Blended Learning).
Assignment Question
“In order to have a valid contract, all parties to a contract must have capacity to enter into a contract.”- Loganathan Krishnan, ‘Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia’, (2015) Wolters Kluwer, p 65
With relevant case laws and provisions of the Malaysian Contract Act 150, explain what is capacity and its exception to the general rule.
100 marks

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