Personal and human resources

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LO1 – P3
The major four departments of hotels are:
1. Housekeeping Department
2. Food and Beverage Service Department
3. Food Production or Kitchen Department
4. Front Office Department
These four departments are the operational departments of the
But not only operational department but secondary department
also plays a significant role to ensure general administration of
hotel and they are:
1. Sales and marketing
2. Personal and human resources
3. Account and finance
4. Security and engineering
5. Purchase and store
1. House Keeping Department
The housekeeping department is responsible for management
of guest rooms and the cleanliness of all public areas of the
hotel. A close liaison between housekeeping and front office is
essential so that the information about guest- rooms is kept up
to date. In simple words, Housekeeping means up-keeping the
Housekeeping department is responsible for the following
• Cleaning and up keeping of hotel rooms
• Cleaning of public areas.
• Laundering of guest linen.
• Issuing and receiving of staffs inform on clean to dirty
• Issuing and collecting of linens from various outlets.
• Cleaning of banquets, halls and other food and beverage
• Placing of various VIPs amenities, etc. in the VIP guest
• Co- ordination with the other department of the hotel.
• Maintenance of the gardens.
• Cleanliness and maintenance of swimming pool.
• Implementation of pest control activities in all areas of the
Departments that Housekeeping Co-ordinates with are
a. Front office
When a guest is about to departure, front office informs
housekeeping to make up the room ready for sale to the next
guest on line. Similarly, housekeeping confers a ready room to
the front office for sale. Housekeeping provides daily room
report to the front office, with the help of that room report front
office verifies the occupied rooms against any dispensaries
made out. The close coordination between housekeeping and
the front office is deemed important to ensure timely delivery of
rooms with required amenities.
b. Human resources
Housekeeping coordinates with human resources about hiring,
firing, procurement, development, training and appraisal of the
c. Engineering
Housekeeping is the department, which lay hand on almost all
areas of the hotel in the course of cleaning. Any maintenance
and repair seen in the area are reported to the engineering.
Housekeeping desk control accelerates all public areas, floors,
and room maintenance work and keeps a proper record of
work done.
d. Purchase
Housekeeping coordinates with purchase department to
acquire stock items like guest supplies, stationary, cleaning
equipment, tools and material required for daily functioning.
Purchase of new uniforms, linen and upholstery are also done
through purchase department with the aid of purchase
e. Food and Beverages
All table linens are laundered and exchanged through
housekeeping department. The cleanliness and aesthetic
upkeep of all outlets are the primary responsibility of
housekeeping. A close coordination between housekeeping
and food and beverages is deemed too important to provide
standard service to the guest.
f. Security
To secure the privacy of all in-house guests, the housekeeping
departments lend a hand off security department. Important
housekeeping keys are also kept with the security.
g. Stores
Housekeeping department co-ordinates with the stores to
ensure the availability of day to day requirements. Such
requirements might be the requirement of guest amenities,
stationary, cleaning material and other ancillary supplies.
2. Food and Beverage Service Department
Food and beverage department are one of the main service
oriented and crucial department of the hotel. It renders the
services of prepared food items, beverages, and tobacco in a
hospitable way to the customer as per their demand.
The food and beverage department put forward the world class
service of food and drink. The services that food and
beverages provide may be a coffee shop, bars, lounges,
specialty restaurants, banqueting, and room service etc.
Food and Beverages Department of a hotel (source
Departments that food and beverages coordinates with are:
a. Food and Beverage Production
For hygienic and timely delivery of the food as per guest order.
b. Front office
Information regarding VIP in- house, room reports, billing, types
of plan in which the guest stay.
c. Kitchen stewarding
Cleaning, polishing, and inventory of all crockery’s, cutleries,
glassware, hollowware, flatware used in this service.
d. Purchase
For the requisition of all condiments, service kits and necessary
e. Housekeeping
Placing of VIP amenities, exchange of soiled linen and cleaning
of all outlets.
f. Engineering and Maintenance
Repair maintenance of the electrical equipment, checking air
condition and water supply
g. Account
Any discrepancy in the bills and sales summary, maintaining of
city ledger and handling all cash.
h. Human resource
Hiring and firing of staff, increment, appraisal, procurement,
development, and training
i. Sales and Marketing
Banquet reservations, food and beverages promotions, etc
3. Food Production / Kitchen Department
food production and kitchen department(source
A kitchen is a well designed closed area with skillful chefs and
all necessary equipment, tools and utensils liable for preparing
food items as per guest orders followed by standard recipes. It
is a skilled food production team which prepares food items as
per the guest orders. It prepares food according to the menu
and there are two types of menu. They are as follows’
A` la carte menu (it is a choice menu where food and
beverages are individually priced)
Table d’hôte (it is a fixed menu where the price of food and
beverages are taken at once)
a. Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing department (source
Who markets the hotel products is sales and marketing
department. The sales and marketing department is
responsible for generating new business for the hotel. This
could be the sales of rooms, functions, conventions, or even
restaurants or bar. It also handles the advertising of the hotel
as well sales promotions and publicity and often takes on the
role of public relation.
b. Personal and human resources
Personal and human resources (source
Personal and human resources department is responsible for
the hiring, training, and development of hotel staffs. In addition
to this, this department is responsible for the welfare and,
collective bargaining, and industrial relations. In recent years,
this division has gained in importance because of the need to
contend with legislation, labor shortages, and the growing
pressure of competition. Hotels now days tends to put more
effort in training and development programmers to enhance the
technical and conceptual knowledge in the staff.
c. Account and finance
Account and finance department of a hotel (source
Accounting is responsible for monitoring of all the financial
activities of the hotel. Such accounting activities may include
cash receipts and banking, the processing of payrolls,
accumulating, operating data and the preparation of internal
reports and financial statements because of the importance of
financial data and statistics.
d. Security
Security and engendering department of a hotel (source
Security is mainly responsible for the safety and security of the
hotel guests, visitors, and hotel employees. This may include
patrolling the hotel premises, monitoring equipment, and in
general, ensuring the security of guest, visitors, employees and
their securities. Engineering is responsible for the maintenance
and the operation of all machinery and equipment (including
heating, air-conditioning, and lighting.) it is also responsible for
carrying out all carpentry, upholstery and a small building,
plumbing and other works of a hotel.
e. Purchase and Stores
Purchase and Stores department of a hotel (source
The hotel is a commercial endeavor, where we purchase raw
materials, give finishing and sell at high prices. As a service
industry, hotel purchases raw materials to support the service
procedures. Purchase department plays an important role
while purchasing all requirement of a hotel. From a sewing kit
to a large purchase it is a job of a purchasing department to
facilitate the procedures. Purchase manager is the in charge of
this department. In recent developments, this position is
substituted by another position known to be Material Manager
who looks after all purchasing and storing activities.

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