Placing Ourselves Assignment Mark Value

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Rubric for Placing Ourselves Assignment Mark Value1 7-10 pages in length not including cover sheet table of content, introduction and references sheet, 1 Title page and pape 1,,_ our :s iAPA format with a staple in the top leftcorner, according to this link: htv:; seneea.libuides.cormeontent.php?yid-275471&sid. 228947Citations and Reference Page are APA using the Seneca Library link htt ‘seneca,lib!uides.c. content.Ji id- 275471&sid—-2289477 Papers that are not cited or without Reference pages will receive a grade of zero due to plagiarism.2 Writing style is clear, readable and shows organization. Spelling and grammar are error free.10
10 of the dimensions are explored, with examples and application5There is evidence of genuine, thoughtful self-reflection. Areas of strength and growth are noted.5 Course material ‘theory is applied and used to explain examples and discussion (with APA citation) i– ; 2 The student has demonstrated understanding of the concept of social identity and the purpose of critical self-reflection.12I here is a clear summary of the impact of the student’s social identity on service users.

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