Plan aims to promote awareness of being safe

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Executive SummaryThe City of Ipswich Community Crime Prevention and safety Plan (the Plan) complementsand expands upon Ipswich City Council’s current Crime Prevention Plan and CommunitySafety Program. The Plan aims to promote awareness of being safe, decrease negativeperceptions of crime and safety, and crime rates across the City.The Plan defines crime prevention and community safety and describes several commonlyused crime prevention and community safety models. The Plan further outlines the role ofIpswich City Council (ICC) in preventing crime and promoting a safe community.after analysing demographic and crime data for the City, the role of crime prevention andcommunity safety has been categorised into five key priority areas which include:• addressing priority offences• planning and design of spaces• transport safety• safer community behaviours and confidence• supporting families, children and young peopleAn action Plan for each priority area has then been developed that will shape ICC’s workinto the future around crime prevention and community safety. achieving a safercommunity requires a combined approach from both ICC and the community. Therefore,the action Plan relies upon forging partnerships with key community players in crimeprevention and safety, including the Queensland Police service and the Department ofCommunity safety, to ensure the ongoing work towards a safer community for our Citycontinues.The primary desired outcomes from the action Plan include:◼ reducing priority offences (offences against property, assaults, good order and wilfuldamage)◼ providing an holistic ICC approach to the implementation and use of CrimePrevention Through environmental Design (CPTeD) principals in planning, designand management of places◼ implementing a community development approach to inclusive safety audits ofhotspots and identified unsafe places throughout Ipswich◼ maximising collaborative partnerships and approaches to address car and publictransport safety◼ increasing the proportion of people who feel safe in their neighbourhood andthe wider Ipswich community◼ promoting healthy family relationships free from domestic violence◼ promoting active use of community spaces for families◼ increasing early intervention initiatives for children and young peopleICC will take an innovative contemporary approach to improving community crime andsafety prevention through the implementation and delivery of the Plan and ensuring ICCcontinues to be a leader in the community safety field for years to come.Ipswich City Council. (n.d.). City of Ipswich Community Crime Prevention and Safety Plan. Retrieved from: ofthe reportBrieflydescribe themethodsused forthis projector report.Brieflydiscuss thekeyoutcomesfrom thereport or anykey resultsor findingsfrom yourstudy.Conclusion

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