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In this assignment, you are to develop the research hypothesis for your final project and discuss the data set that you are going to be using in your research.
For your research hypothesis you are going to use the research problem that you identified in the first assignment and provide support for your research by stating why it is important. You should also provide information in this assignment in terms of what you expect to find in your research based upon the data analysis that you are going to conduct.
The Methodology Section of a research report provides the information necessary for the research project to be replicated by another researcher. In the Methodology Section, information is provided that discusses how data was collected for the study. In the Methodology Section, information is provided as to the sampling method, the data collection instrument, information about the study participants and the basis for which the data collection process was used. The data gathering instrument that was used should be provided in the appendices of the research paper if it is available.

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