Practical Digital Marketing Practical Digital Marketing Objectives of the Lecture BMP3006 ASSESSMENT 2 PRACTICAL DIGITAL LSBM200…

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Module Number: BMP3006
Module Name: Practical Digital Marketing
Year/Trimester: 2020-21/Semester 1
Module Tutor/s: Rula Alousi/Rameses Manalang/Syed Jaffery
Assessment Number       
Assessment Type (and weighting)
Individual presentation with voice over – 40%   (15 minutes)
Assessment Name
Use of digital marketing in a specific communications strategy
Assessment Submission Date
Sunday 23 May 2021 at 23:59
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
LO4: Outline how digital marketing can be used in a specific communications strategy.
Assessment Brief:
Working individually, review the digital marketing examples that you have collectively included in assignment 1, and explain how they contribute to the communications strategy for the respective organisations, as part of the promotional aspect of the marketing mix. You may wish to rank the examples in order of effectiveness, utilising the social media measures as discussed in class.
You will refer in your analysis to available literature relating to digital marketing communications (see the reading list in the module guide) and use academic opinion, case studies and real-world examples to support your arguments.
You should employ appropriate visual aids to present the materials selected (for example PowerPoint presentation).
Submit your final slides with voice over through Turnitin.
Specific Assessment Criteria:
70 – 100% First class:
Your presentation will be directly relevant to the title. Your presentation will be comprehensively addressing the assumptions of the title and the requirements of the brief. Demonstrates excellent knowledge and understanding of theory and practice through the identification and summary of key themes. Your presentation will make excellent use of the appropriate theoretical models and presents a comprehensive summary of material resulting in clear, logical conclusions. Your presentation will be coherently articulated and logically structured. An appropriate format is used. The presentational style & layout is correct for the type of assignment. Effective inclusion of figures, tables, plates (FTP) where appropriate. A well-written answer with standard spelling and grammar. Style will be clear, and academic. A wide range of sources drawn upon. Sources well cited in the text and in the reference list – with no or minor errors.
60-69%Second class:
Generally, addresses the title/brief and covers some key issues in sufficiently meaningful detail. Demonstrates a very good knowledge/understanding of theory and practice for FE3 level through the identification and summary of key themes. Uses appropriate arguments or theoretical models. Clear and valid summary of the material.  Presents clear, logical conclusions. Logically constructed in the main.  An appropriate format is used. The presentational style & layout is correct for the type of assignment. Inclusion of FTP selectivity. Competently written with minor lapses in spelling and grammar. Style is readable, and generally academic. Relevant sources drawn upon. Some weaknesses in referencing technique.
40-59%Third class:
Some degree of irrelevance to the title/brief. Superficial consideration of the issues. Demonstrates an adequate knowledge/understanding of theory and practice for FE3 level. An attempt is made to identify and summarise key themes. Presents basic arguments, but focus and consistency lacking in places. Some issues may lack clarity. Presents conclusions, which are not always clear or logical. Some attempt at articulation and logical structure but gaps in coherence and progression. An acceptable format is used. The presentational style & layout is largely correct for the type of assignment. Inappropriate use of FTP or not used where clearly needed to aid understanding. Generally, competently written although intermittent lapses in grammar and spelling pose obstacles for the reader. Style limits communication and is non-academic in places. Some academic sources but overreliance on non-academic sources. A number of errors in referencing technique.
39% Fail: Students who do not meet the requirements of a third-class grade will not successfully complete the assessment activity.

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