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Principles of marketing- MG412
Coursework 1: Individual report (50%): The 4Ps/marketing mix. 1500 words
Assignment structure
Submission date: Tuesday 09th November 2021
You have been tasked to describe how the marketing techniques listed are used in marketing products or services and compare and contrast how effective the application of the 4Ps is for one pair of brands.
Brand A
Brand B
Kellogg’s Coco Pops
PlayStation 5 Games Console
Nintendo Switch Game Console
Halo Top ice- cream
Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream
Dove soap/hand wash
Baylis and Harding soap/hand wash
BrewDog Beer
Fairy Washing Up Liquid
Ecover Washing Up Liquid
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar
Lindt ‘Excellence’ Milk Chocolate Bar
You can use images where possible to support your point of views.
Cover Page: A tittle or cover page includes all the information regarding Name, student ID, Module details, University name etc required accordingly.
Executive Summary: You need to write a summary of the report not more than half page to encourage the reader to read further by including the following information:
The aim of the report,
The methods of research,
The results (top-line summary only),
Content Page: Outlines or list of what you have included in the report.
An Introduction: Introduction should be quite brief. Background of the brands with description of the corporate history and useful data such as market share, market size and trends in sales. This should cover aim of the report.
Findings: Select two brands to compare from the list above. Research the following about the selected brands and describe with examples how each brand utilises these techniques to market products:
Target Market: Comparison of target markets of the selected brands.
Product /Brand: Evaluation of the Products and their Brand Value by Levitt’s Model by five different level

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(Core benefit, Generic Product, Expected Product, Augmented Product and Potential Product) and Aaker’s brand personality 5 Dimension Model (1. Sincerity · 2. Excitement · 3. Competence · 4. Sophistication · 5. Ruggedness)
Price: Evaluation of the Pricing Strategies Used (cost-based pricing, value added pricing, demand-based pricing, market skimming, market penetration,Psychological Pricing.
Place (Distribution): Distribution and channel management of the Brands (Coverage, Locations, Inventory, Transportation, Logistics)
Promotion: Explain the communication mix and describe the Communication methods of the Brands (Cinema, TV, outdoor, print, social media, mobile, own website etc).
Conclusion: Summarise based on evidence submitted on how effective the brands use of the 4Ps have been overall.
How has each brand applied the 4P’s?
Why have they applied the 4P’s in this way?
Which brand have been most successful in its application of the 4P’s?
Reference List: Include all the references according to alphabetical order for the report and make sure to include the bibliographies if you read any book for this assignment.
Appendices: Use the appendices to display any raw research data such as pricing data which the reader access anywhere else.

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