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Problem DescriptionThe Take Care Of You Hospital has a number of different medical departments. Each department takes care of a different area of the overall medical care. For example, there is an Emergency Department, a Cardiology Department, a Physiotherapy Department and so on.Each Department has a limited capacity. That is, they can only take a certain number of patients at one time. The capacity varies between Departments. Patients, when they come into a Department have a treatment level. This is a number between 1 and 5. This determines the order in which they are treated. 5 being the most urgent, 1 being the least urgent.As each new patient comes to a Department, they are inserted in the correct order for treatment. Take Care Of You Hospital would now like you to write a program to deal with the above. Problem ImplementationAs Take Care Of You Hospital would like the program as soon as possible, some files have been provided for you. These are central .h, central . cpp, meddept.h, meddept. cpp, patient .h, patient. cpp, findDepartment.h, findDepartment. cpp sortPatient.h, sortPatient . cpp and makefile.So long as you use the files provided, then using the makefile will compile all of the files into a C++ program. To run the program, after it successfully compiles, just type hospital These files can be copied by typing this command on latcs8 cp _csilib/cselcpp/assignB/* .(don’t forget the . (dot) for your current directory)You should be able to o me files, they will show the me READ THE WHOLE DOCUMENT FIRST. class MedDept This class is for the Medical Departments. The MedDept class has the following attributes:name this is text and is the unique name of a Medical Department. This can be more than one word capacity this is an integer and is the maximum number of patients that can be in that Department at one time. treatmentType this is text and describes the function of the Department. Can be more than one word.CPP Assignment Part B Semester 2 – due: 10:00 am Mon Oct 22nd this is the first and final hand in date p. 4 of 15

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