Procurement Plan

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You are a Procurement Advisor for NSW Health, the government department that operates all the public hospitals in NSW. The Minister has asked your department to replace the current hospital software system that manages all patient admissions. You need to engage the services of a software company capable of managing large projects. You are seeking an innovative low-cost solution and will issue an output-based specification.Develop a detailed procurement plan for this project (refer to the template in the slides of Week 8). Your submission should complete all the activities required in Stage 1- Plan the procurement process. The deliverable from stage 1 is the procurement plan.You will need to include the following:• Analysis of the business needo Demand analysis – determine scope, timeframe, performanceindicators, resources, selection criteria, quality, quantity, terms andconditionso Business case – budget, whole of life costs, alternatives o Stakeholderanalysiso Communicationsplano Probity Plano Sustainability Plano Risk Plan• Analysis of the marketo Supply market analysis – potential suppliers, supply positioning, supplierpreferencing, cost analysis, supply market development, innovation, supplier capability assessments, prequalification, degree of competition, pricing structure, new market entrantso Options analysiso Sourcing strategy • The procurement strategyo Project governance o Selection criteriao Strategy Other Article: almost every business is opened. Who was Saint George? Saint George was born in the year 280 (date is not known) in what is now known as Turkey. He was a soldier and promoted very quickly in the Roman army, eventually becoming the personal guard of the emperor Diocletian. Saint George was executed for being a Cristian on April 23, 303, and he was buried in Lod, a town in Israel. He was buried there because the lance, where he killed the dragon with, was called Ascalon after the Levantine city of Ashkelon, which is in Israel nowadays. Guy Fawkes day Guy Fawkes day,… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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