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1Choose what is at the heart of business network?CommunicationProductsServicesProducts and Services2Choosing media would depend upon?Person specificFamiliarity with MediaNeed of SituationCheap3Humans act in theirSelf interestComfort zoneFree TimePersonal life4Identify from where basic knowledge about technical tools can be learnt?ManualsSales BrochureQuality CertificateWarranty Card5Select what the media mix includesText, Words, VoiceWords, Pictures, VoiceText, Pictures, VoiceText, Words, Pictures, Voice6Choose one of the factors used to select a media toolTime and Tool availabilityTechnical KnowledgeTechnical ExperienceDiscover7The reading should be loud and?InaudibleEasy to hearClearAudible8Choose one of the pre-consideration for organizing meeting.ParticipantsVenueAgendaServing purpose9What is to be prepared before giving advertisement or start interviewing?Job DescriptionOrganization ChartList of VacancyListing in stock market10Choose what a correspondence can be supported withGraphs, Charts, PicturesGraphs, PicturesCharts, GraphsPictures, Charts11To address a letter, salutation includeDear Sir,Sir,Dear,Jack12The business correspondence has to write something about itsOrganizationPolicyProductsServices13What are pre-determined conversations?ConsultationExaminationsExchangeDiscussions14Which of the mentioned is an example of picture communication.VideoVlogsWall PaintingBlogs15. . . . . . . . . Is a term used by Microsoft to indicate a readymade format developed by wise men.DeveloperEngineerWizardScientist16In one to many type of communication, instead of looking in the eyes of an individual, we look for group ………ReflexFailureReactionCause17Now communication through printing media has beomce one of ……. tasks with almost in all types of businesses.RoutineOfficeFactoryCompany18Habits of writing points even if you do not need them, is a good …………. for many reasons.HabitFashionStylePattern19…………….. hand outs before meet begins so that they can add their jottings instead of note pads.DistributeCirculatePass OnPrint20The idea of accepting ……………. …………. in so subjective that one has to have relations with the newspaper concerned.Media BriefingPress ReleasePress ConferencePersonal Interview21Very large portion of office communication arises out of ………Ignorance of policiesOffice FriendshipFamiliarity of mediaSelf Interest22In the times of …………. you assume someone elses responsibility for the same organization.DifficultySimplicityRoutineComplexity23One of the objective of communication is communication should be clear and brief..TrueFalse24The mother tongue and language of business must be the same.TrueFalse25In barriers, most of the barriers are through human handling and one has to try to change human handling.TrueFalse26In case of communication with service providers, once the initial services are contracted for rest of the communication becomes routine.TrueFalse27All advertising, publicity, packaging is aimed at brand image.TrueFalse28Generally, Secreatry is said to be a conductor of meeting and its procedures.TrueFalse29Whatever information you have promised should not be delivered in time.TrueFalse30One should not be careful in giving out information.TrueFalseAssignment: 2Instructions:Number of Questions: 3Each question carries 5 MarkAttempt Any Two Questions.Attempts: 11Communication requires knowledge, skills and values, Identify the skills required for developing language and make use of the variety of communication tools to build the network of communication.FontArialSize1ORUpload Answer Pdf File: Note: File size should be between 50 KB to 1 MB.No file chosen2Use of media by bringing together text, voice and pictures with spectrum of media tools made available through development in technology plan a communication strategy for the Marketing event. Identify the need for understanding business Communication.FontArialSize1ORUpload Answer Pdf File: Note: File size should be between 50 KB to 1 MB.No file chosen3Summarize Organizational Communication. Plan prominent uses are sales literature, stationery items, directive signs, photographs, part lists, manuals, animation, films all using picture communication for Organizational Communication.FontArialSize1Which year the term management accounting was first coined in1950 19501945195519602_________________ as those rules of action or conduct which are adopted by the accountants universally while recording accounting transactions.Accounting Principles Accounting PrinciplesAccounting ConventionsBothAccounting Practice3Why are goods sold on creditAssets increase Assets increaseAssets decreaseOne asset increase and other asset decreaseIncrese in Sales4As per companys Act 1956 all companies must maintain their accounts on basis of :Accrual methodAccrual and Double entry Accrual and Double entryDouble entrySingle entry5Which of the following cost is also known as overhead cost or on cost:Cost of direct labourCost of indirect labourDirect expensesIndirect expenses Indirect expenses6ABC analysis is used inCPMPERTInventory control Inventory controlReceiveables management7Which of the following is a conventional method of ascertaining cost?Absorption costingFull Costing Both a & bBoth a & bContract costing8What does the term contribution refers toThe difference between selling price and fixed costThe difference between selling price and variable costlossProfit Profit9What is the primary purpose of using a standard cost system isto make things easier for managers in the production provide a distinct measure of cost control. to provide a distinct measure of cost minimize the cost per unit of production.b and c are correct.10What is a budget is a plan of action expressed in…Financial termsNon‐financial terms BothBothSubjective matter11Name the use of management accounting isOptional OptionalCompulsoryLegally obligatoryCompulsory to some and optional to others12Choose the option where will the entry :Furniture purchased by chequeOne asset increaseOne asset increase and other asset decreaseIncome of Co.Expenses of Co.13Relate how ABC analysis divides an organizations on-hand inventory into three classes based uponannual dollar volume. annual dollar volume.the number of units on hand.unit price.annual demand.14What does the standard cost card contains quantities and costs fordirect material labor material and direct labor only. direct material, direct labor, and material, direct labor, and overhead.15A man who is involved in the process of book keeping and accounting is called a/an ……………………………………AccountantFinance ManagerData entry operatorFinance head16_____Accounting concepts_________________ are broad general assumptions which underline the periodic financial statements of business enterprises.Accounting conceptsAccounting ConventionsAccounting PrinciplesAccounting Practice17______________________ is a common base for preparing a trial balanceLedger accountsGeneral JournalSpecialized JournalBalance Sheet18All costs are classified under _Three_____ segments under absorption costing.FiveSixFourThree19.___Margin of safety_______ indicates the extent of which the sales can be reduced without resulting in loss.BEPKey factorContributionMargin of safety20The standard predominantly used in Western cultures for motivational purposes is a(n) ____practical_________________ standard.expected annualidealpracticaltheoretical21For segment reporting segment should be identified on basis of ————— ——-and ————————————————————.Risks and Returns Risks and ReturnsInvestment and returnCapital invested and riskProfit and Loss22All factory costs are treated as _________ while all administration costs are treated as ___________.Product costs, Period costs Product costs, Period costsPeriod Costs, Product costsFixed costs, Period costsPeriod costs, fixed costs23Format of management accounting reports is tailor made as per requirements of management.TrueFalse24Accounting equation may not hold for every transactionTrueFalse25Auditors Report is a part of Annual ReportTrueFalse26Resource sacrificed or forgone to achieve specific objective is called as CostTrueFalse27Pricing of issue of materials is closely connected with the actual physical movements of units of material.TrueFalse28Allocation means charging overheads to particular product, process, or activity.TrueFalse29Specifications for materials are compiled on a bill of materials.TrueFalse30Financial Accounting is governed by statutory framework.True TrueFalseAssignment: 2Instructions:Number of Questions: 3Each question carries 5 MarkAttempt Any Two Questions.Attempts: 11Identify the contradictory areas of interest in between management accounting and financial accounting.FontArialSize1ORUpload Answer Pdf File: Note: File size should be between 50 KB to 1 MB.No file chosen2Standard costing is a tool, which replaces the bottleneck of the historical costing. Provide some suggestions to support the above statement.FontArialSize1ORUpload Answer Pdf File: Note: File size should be between 50 KB to 1 MB.No file chosenwhich is good qualitative problem statement:Defines the independent and dependent variablesConveys a sense of emerging designSpecifies a research hypothesis to be testedSpecifies the relationship between variables that the researcher expects to find2choose Sources of researchable problems which can include:Researchersâ€
 own experiences as educatorsPractical issues that require solutionsTheory and past researchResearch experience , practical issues that require solutions , theory & past research3select a proposal is also known as a:Work planProspectusOutlineworklpan , its prospects & outline4what is research designSearching again and againFinding solution to any problemArrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of dataDescribe the data and characteristics5what is ResearchSearching again and againFinding solution to any problemWorking in a scientific way to search for truth of any problemformulating research solutions6Application of scientific method in related to finding for truth about business phenomenon is calledbusiness researchhypothesisconclusionestimation7which of the following statement is wrong about the researchnone of theseThe research has been carried out for ornamental degreesThe research has been carried out for name and fameThe research has been carried out for invention8Which of the following is not the characteristic of a researcher?He is not versatile in his interest and even in his native abilitiesHe is a specialist rather than a generalistHe is industrious and persistent on the trial of discoveryHe is not inspirational to his chosen field but accepts the reality9Marketing department of a business organization carries out researches related to:ProductPricingPromotionall three Ps -product,pricing , promotion10Research in which the researcher uses the qualitative paradigm for one phase and the quantitative paradigm for another phase is known as……..action researchquantitative researchbasic researchmixed method research11Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?Searching sources of information to locate problem.Survey of related literatureIdentification of problemSearching for solutions to the problem12select the meaning of Action researchA longitudinal researchAn applied researchA research initiated to solve an immediate problemA research with socioeconomic objective13what are the essential qualities of a researcher areany enquiryevidence onlySystematization or theorizing of knowledgemeasuring ideas14Generally the data of the research is related toQuantitative onlyQualitative onlyQualitative & QualitativeQuantifiable only15The Research Method is the technique to collect ______required to answer the research problem.the samplethe market researchthedesignThe Information16select the execution details of the research question to be investigated are refer to as the___________concept designcontenet designReasearch Designsecondary design17Research designs come ______ the problem formulation stagelastbeforeafterbeginning18Previously collected findings in fact and figures which have been authenticated and published are referred to as ________________Primary data soursemandatory data sourseany sourse of dataSecondary data sourse19____________validity refers to generalization of the sample result to that of the population.Externalinternaldatadesign20In true experimental Design researchers can randomly assign ____________ to an experimental group.test units and treatmentsexternal variablesmeasurementsRandomization Design21Statistical designs allow for __________of external variables.Randomized designstatical design & structurestatical control & analysiscomplete design22the complete randomized design is used when a researcher is investigating the effect of _____________________ independent variable on the dependent2 and more independent variable on the dependentdependent variableindependent23Hypothesis testing and estimation are both types of descriptive statistics.TrueFalse24Choose a set of data organized in a participants(rows)-by-variables(columns) format is known as a “data set.”TrueFalse25Descriptive analysis refers to transformation of raw data into a form that will facilitate easy understanding and interpretation.TrueFalse26whether the median can be computed for ratio, interval or ordinal scale data.TrueFalse27Explain if the median is that value in the distribution such that 50 per cent of the observations are below it and 50 per cent are above it.TrueFalse28Relate if the mode is that measure of central tendency which is appropriate for nominal or higher order scalesTrueFalse29agree whether the measures of central tendency locate the centre of the distribution.TrueFalse30Median can be computed for ordinal scale dataTrueFalseAssignment: 2Instructions:Number of Questions: 3Each question carries 5 MarkAttempt Any Two Questions.Attempts: 11Develop the research methodology to identify a new product in the marketFontArialSize1

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