Professional Engineering Management

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Master of Engineering
(Core Unit)
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Professional Engineering Management
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Created by
Hadi Harb
15 Jan 2018
Reviewed by
Hadi Harb
29 May 2020
Master of Engineering 2
Assessment Instructions:
1. Please familiarise yourself with the EIT Academic Honesty and Misconduct Policy, in order to
understand your requirements and responsibilities as a student of EIT.
2. Please refer to our Assessment, Moderation and Student Progress Procedure for
information relating to extensions. Extension requests should be submitted to your LSO at
least 3 days prior to the due date.
3. Assessments submitted via email will not be accepted.
4. Assessments must be submitted through Turn-it-in (unless otherwise stated).
Your submission must:
a. Be a single document (Word or PDF only)
b. Include at least 20 words of machine-readable text, and
c. Not exceed 10MB.
5. You must use the provided assessment cover page available on your Moodle student
homepage. Submissions without a cover page will not be accepted.
6. You must correctly title your document/s. For example:
E.g. ME501_Assessment2_SteveMackay_01Aug2019
7. You must reference all content used from other sources including course materials, slides,
diagrams, etc. Do not directly copy and paste from course materials or any other resources.
Refer to the referencing section of the EIT eLibrary on Moodle for referencing guides.
8. It is your responsibility to check that you have submitted the correct file, as revised
submissions are not permitted after the due date and time.
Important note: Failure to adhere to the above may result in academic penalties. Please refer to
the unit outline or EIT Policies and Procedures for further information.
Master of Engineering 3
Unit code and name:
MXX507: Professional Engineering Management
Assessment #:
Assessment type:
Total marks:
100 marks
Please complete your answers on the assessment cover page document available on Moodle.
Clearly label your question numbers (there is no need to copy the full question over). Include all working
Question 1 [≈ 2500 words]: (80 marks)
You are the project manager for a food processing plant construction project. The plant should use
renewable energies to generate at least 75% of its consumption. The plant’s wastewater and solid
wastes should be treated in a state-of-the-art way.
a) Describe the major tasks in this project. Note that the tasks include construction,
instrumentation, mechanical, electrical, etc. (10 marks)
b) As a group of delegates, share your profiles. Now you have to assign tasks to members of
the group. Motivate your choices. (10 marks)
c) Estimate the major costs in the project. You may do internet research here. (5 marks)
d) Estimate the completion time of the project. You may do internet research here. (5 marks)
e) Provide an estimate at 90% confidence for cost and duration by considering distributions of
individual costs and durations. Think of using Monte Carlo simulation. You can suppose
normal distributions here. (10 marks)
f) Once the plant is operational, it needs continuous feed of fuel, water, electricity, and raw
materials. Evaluate the associated risks and propose mitigation plans. (10 marks)
g) The land should be purchased before initiating the construction project. Clearly, you want to
obtain the best deal from a seller with the best incentives from local municipalities. Explain
your negotiation strategy. (10 marks)
h) Suppose that there is a choice to make between three lands to purchase. Land-A purchase
price is $75K. Land-B purchase price is $60K but there is a 30% chance that some extra
administrative tasks at a cost of $20K will be needed. Land-C purchase price is $40K but
there is a 70% chance that you need to construct a road with an estimated cost of $40K.
Master of Engineering 4
Develop a decision tree to estimate the final costs for each of the lands. Which land you
would recommend? (10 marks)
i) You have to share documents with your team and other stakeholders. Create a shared
folder where you can store files and provide the link so that someone who has the link can
view and edit some of the files. You can use any platform that you are familiar with such as
Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc. (10 marks)
Question 2 [≈ 700 words]:
(20 marks)
Think of a process that you can improve. The process can be any personal or professional process.
Use DMAIC to improve it.

Define step (4 marks)
• Measure step (6 marks)
• Analyze step (4 marks)
• Improve step (4 marks)
• Control step (2 marks)

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