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Draft a procedure in the following table to ensure that the company you work for remains compliant with legislation for GST, PAYG and Superannuation.
Your procedure needs to include:
a) Use of technology
b) Professional presentation – spelling, grammar, formatting
c) Clear, industry relevant language and terminology
d) Referencing as required
e) Naming convention and version control
f) Storing, security and uploading of procedure
Use the following table to collect information for your procedure and find or create a suitable template using the headings provided to complete it
– what is the reason why you have the procedure
– who is it being prepared for? Who has an interest in this procedure?
What steps are we going to take to stay compliant? How are you going to monitor changes in the legislation?
Timeline for implementation and review
– when the process is going to happen, when should it be complete
Responsibilities/Reporting Requirements
– Who is responsible for monitoring changes in legislation? Who to report to when monitoring has been completed? Who do you advise if there are changes to the legislation (the person is responsible to make the changes to your policies etc. if legislation changes)?
Legislative Basis
– Name the acts. E.g. GST – A New Tax System (Goods and Services Act) (1999).
– where do you get the information from? Where do you find if there has been a change?
– explain at least one term within the document. E.g. GST – Goods and Service

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