Profile Report

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Profile Report Title
Is the title of the report appropriate? Does it have the urban health issue, population group and the neighborhood are and borough?
Profile Report Introduction
How clear is the Introduction to help you understand what the paper is on? Does it signpost the reader about the structure of the report? How could it be improved?
Profile Report Rationale
Is the Rationale of the Report presented? Does it justify why the issue was chosen and what makes it an urban health issue, i.e. the epidemiologic (statistical) data of the urban health issue, prevalence data, trends and high costs to the NHS? Does it refer to the broader literature to explain the influence of urbanity on the urban health issue being studied?
Does it justify the urban health issue using urban characteristics, environment and living circumstances through the following concepts and theories: ‘notion of urban health crisis’, ‘urban health penalty’, ‘urban health advantage’, and the Sick City Hypothesis. Does it refer to academic literature and evidence to support the Rationale of the Profile Report?
Neighbourhood Profiling
Does it describe the neighbourhood (ward) area in more detail using community profiling data that is readily available from the ONS or other sources with more recent data? What improvement you think is required?
The Observation
Does the Profile Report clearly spell out how the observation was conducted, when and how long it took to complete? Does it use innovative ways in presenting the data from the observation, e.g. quantitative data which can be presented via tables, charts and graphs; description of features and quality of places which can be explained with the aid of maps, pictures, and photos? How can this part be improved?
The Discussion and Data Implications
Does the Profile Report present a critical discussion of the observation data informed by broader relevant academic literature in relation to place characteristics, determinants of the urban health issue, health implications and influence of interventions in the neighbourhood area? (this requires comparing observation data with existing literature; is the observation consistent / inconsistent with the broader literature on this urban health issue?)
Recommendations and Conclusions
Does the Profile Report present appropriate recommendations and conclusions, i.e. what has to be done in order to better tackle this urban health problem in the neighbourhood area? Are the conclusions appropriately recapping the key points of the paper?

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