program designed to control respiratory disease Theme 3 – modeling the enterprise Reflective Journal Payroll is a fairly complex…

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A large automobile manufacturer needs a program designed to control respiratory disease among foundry workers. Workers in different areas of ferrous foundries are exposed to different respiratory hazards. The main problems are exposures to silica and formaldehyde. The corporation would like to develop a pilot program for one of its foundries that will then be applied to its other foundries. Health and industrial hygiene data will be collected. Both the corporation and the workers support the project, and both see the project as having the following three purposes:
• Detecting health effects in individuals who may benefit from intervention
• Determining the relationship of health effects with environmental exposures
• Identifying control strategies as appropriate
Outline a pilot program. Discuss the implications of discovering adverse health effects among current workers. Describe the roles of the occupational health nurse, physician, industrial hygienist, safety professional, manager, and employee.

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