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Table of Contents
Project Description
Background & Project Charter
Project Life Cycle & Systematic Literature Review
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Schedule Plan
Project Description
The project I’ve selected for my case is the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is to be hosted in Qatar. There are a lot of factors when it comes to organizing an event on a global scale. It’s no easy feat to manage something billions of people are going to be watching. The sheer logistics in the preparations are mind-blowing. We are going to look at all aspects of organizing the World Cup. From stadiums to players, from the pitch itself to personnel. We will have a detailed plan about how to go on about organizing the event. We will have brief and concise descriptions about all the activities leading up-to the event, during the event and after the event. This is a project of the highest order that will help us in achieving the best possible scenario for the World Cup. It is a spectacle like none other and should be treated as such. Pulling out all the stops is a necessity. The World Cup is home to the best national teams around the globe. It is graced by some of the biggest personalities in different fields. 
2)Background & Project Charter
The background of this project revolves around the fact that the World Cup is supposed to be such a big event that even one small mistake could be fatal. Preparations are to be made with every small detail in mind. Precautions and backup plans are to be ready at a moment’s notice.
A project charter is a formal, typically short document that describes your project in its entirety — including what the objectives are, how it will be carried out, and who the stakeholders are. It is a crucial ingredient in planning the project because it is used throughout the project lifecycle. (wrike, 2019).
Project Name: FIFA WORLD CUP 2022
Project Sponsor: FIFA
Project Manager: Abhishek Karki
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +610424708065
Organizational Unit: UEFA
Process Impacted: All Footballing and General Events
Expected Start Date: 01/04/2022              
Expected Completion Date: 15/05/2022
Expected Savings: None before the event completes.
Estimated Costs: No exact estimate (Too big a event to estimate)
Problem or Issue: Event so huge that controlling all the factors is going to be a challenge.
Purpose of Project: To successfully conduct the world cup with minimum hiccups.
Business Case: FIFA World Cup 2022 and its Preparations.
Goals / Metrics: Creating an atmosphere worthy of the big stage.
Expected Deliverables: Focus on the general side of things while the stars put on a show.
Project Life Cycle & Systematic Literature Review
The Project Life Cycle refers to the four-step process that is followed by nearly all project managers when moving through stages of project completion.        (, 2015)
 The project life cycle regularly goes successively through four phases:
 Defining/Selecting and starting: A task is chosen from an arising thought, arranged at a significant level, and key members focus on it in wide terms.
 Planning: It begins after the underlying responsibility, incorporates nitty gritty arranging, and finishes
at the point when all partners acknowledge the whole nitty gritty arrangement.
 Executing: It incorporates approving, executing, checking, and controlling work until the client acknowledges the undertaking expectations.
 Delivering/Closing and understanding: All exercises after client acknowledgment to guarantee project is finished, exercises are learned, assets are reassigned, commitments are perceived, also, benefits are figured out.
The systematic literature review is a method/process/protocol in which a body of literature is aggregated, reviewed and assessed while utilizing pre-specified and standardized techniques. (Štrukelj, 2018). For this particular project there were a few key deliverables that had to be achieved in order for the event to go forward. The first one of those was the broadcasting of the matches in all the countries with licensed channels. Stopping piracy of the event was also another key factor in increasing the revenue. Keeping the pitches in sharp condition for games to go on was also a key point to success. The stadium lights need to stay on through the course of all games. Without them, the games are unplayable. The artificial grass on the pitch must be very carefully curated and inspected. If the pitch is not match safe, it could lead to major injuries. It’s one of the major reasons for long term injuries at times. The security at the whole event must be of immense importance. One little mishap could result in thousands of injuries or deaths. Nobody wants that on their conscience. The stadium revenue is another big part of ensuring success of the event. If the event is to be profitable, there needs to be huge sales of snacks and drinks. They are priced well above market rate so placing them strategically and getting the vendors to appeal to customers is a huge income source for the organizers. Ensuring player fitness is also very important. They need to be provided spaces to train and gain fitness. Making sure players are getting proper training and nutrition leads to better matches which leads to better ratings and in turn keeps the people tuned in and the stadium goers hooked on food and drinks. The event also has to start and end on time so players can get enough rest for the start of their respective domestic seasons. There has to be a rest period enough to give their bodies power to push through another gruelling season. Picking and taking the right broadcasting crew, referees and technologies can also be a decisive thing in how a tournament swings in terms of being successful or not. Media personnel are also another important aspect of the World Cup, They need to cover the event well and write on it eloquently so that more casuals view the event as time passes by. So, all in all these are the factors to consider for the systematic review of the World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022.
4) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables.(Visual-Paradigm, 2019) . It is mostly represented in 3 ways. They are:
1)Free Format
2)Organizational Chart
3)Free Format
The WBS for this project is given below:
Broadcasting Deals
Drawing Host Country
Securing Advertisement Deals
Qualification Process
Building Infrastructure
Selection of Personnel
Division of Ticket Tiers
Proper Training Facilities
Opening Ceremony
Introduction of Teams Representatives
Staged Performances
Preparation of Grass
Confectionary Setup
Ticket Revenue
VAR and Technical Setup
Tight Security at Entrances
Stocking Locker Rooms
Advertisement Setup
Broadcasting Setup
Finals Ceremony
Finals Performances
Distribution of Awards
Calculation of Costs and Revenue
Determining Overall Growth
Schedule Plan
Schedule Plan is a vessel for activity plan development along with stuff like duration, milestones, deliverables all stored in the description and topped off with a network diagram.
The activity list is built below:
Project task
Accommodation in a hotel and room allocation
The room is to be allocated for each team. The room should be equipped with beds and washrooms and necessary equipment. The hotel will also have a gym nearby for the players. This will be managed until the players are in the hotel throughout the event.
 Training ground to practice
A training ground will be provided with a realistic enough feel. Each team will get a different ground to practice. This will be provided throughout the event.
Food and other facilities-catering
The facilities for breakfast, lunch ,dinner and supper will be provided through a caterer. This will be initiated from the starting of the teams for their residual in hotels to the day they leave.
Cars to pick up footballers from the States.
The footballers living in the outer states will be provided an individual car to pick them up and their belongings. It will be a part of the pre-event where the footballers and coaches will be welcomed warmly without any obstacles.
Organize a changing room with locker room, hot shower and other facilities.
The team will be provided a changing room, hot shower and locker facilities. These facilities will be provided as soon as the team get to the games.
Jersey to each player
The jersey as per the design asked by the coach will be provided to each player with the help of a designer. It will be provided at the early stages.
Certificate of participation to each members
The certificate of participation will be provided to each team after the completion of the whole event.
Gold medal to winners and silver and bronze to the runner ups as well as award winners respectively.
This will be provided as soon as the event ends before they leave.
Seats allocation to audiences
This comes under the pre-activity event and pursuantly, seats are allocated to audiences in accordance to division of VVIP seats, medical facilitation seats, Gold. Silver and Platinum in accordance with the tickets bought.
Tickets and Posters release regarding matches
This is done before the entire event and also before a particular match. Pursuantly, banners, posters are a must to give information to the public regarding the match.
Confectionary Section
Snacks and water stalls are provided during the match.
Banners and posters
Banners and poster stalls will be put up in case any audience would like to cheer the players through the banners.
Jersey shops
A stall for jerseys of teams will also be provided during the event.
Stadium Development
Stadiums should be developed well before the event has come near.
Lights and banners
The lights and banners must be selected. This comes under the pre-event activity.
Flag of countries and states competing.
The flag of each state competing is to be displayed and brought prior to the event.
Warm up rooms.
A warm up room is provided for each player before they go for the match to score.
Medical room and facilities
A medical team is required during the match. Thus, a medical room is to be provided throughout the match and even before for the footballers in case of injury.
Changing rooms.
The changing room shall consist of showers, hair dryers etc. It should be provided to the teams during their stay.  
Stages for announcements
A stage is required throughout the event. It is necessary to make announcements.

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Goal and corner posts
Goal and corner posts should be provided. 
 Commentary boxes
Commentary boxes need to be set up with perfect view of the whole ground.
Allocation of extra time
Extra time is to be awarded for all the wasted time due to subs ad injuries.
Security Personnel
Security needs to work discretely in order not to create chaos.
Advertisement Placement
The advertisements need to be put up based on how much the sponsor has invested.
Designing the Stage
Designing the stage for performances takes a lot of work.
Replay Angles Setup
Replays need to cover every angle of situations in order to make decisions.
Spotlight on Local Businesses
Local businesses going up is good for the country’s overall growth and reputation.
Crowning Champions
This is done after the award ceremony has been wrapped up.
Broadcasting Stabilization
Broadcasts need to simultaneously cast all over the world with no hiccups.
   Network Diagram
A network diagram in project management displays the duration of project activities and the dependencies between activities graphically or as a table. (, 2014). The table is drawn below:
Preceding Activity
Drawing Host Country
Bids are analyzed and the host is chosen.
Developing Infrastructure
Infrastructure is developed rapidly after the bid has been won.
Qualification Process
Teams qualify through playing and winning games by way of seeding.
Selection of Officials
Officials who can handle the big stage need to be scanned and selected.
A, B
Broadcasting Setup
Broadcasting deals need to be secured from all over the world.
A, B, C
Securing Advertisements
Advertisements need to be secured for the breaks and stadium.
A, B, I
Division of Ticket Tiers
Tickets are to be distributed based on viewing experience.
A, B, I
Stocking Locker Rooms
Locker Rooms are to be fitted with a hot shower, locker, etc. 
A, B, I
Stadium Construction
Stadiums need to be constructed in a way to handle the big events.
Distribution of Awards
Awards are to be provided to all the prize winners.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I
Reference List
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